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Website makeover coming end of Feb. 2017

Hi Friends!

We are now a full month into the new year! I hope it’s been an exciting, productive and adventurous one for you already. I am excited to share with you that there is a wonderful change coming to LisaShawCares, LLC that I believe will be a benefit to my friends, visitors and clients. I am having a complete make-over done to my website. That includes the entire website — branding, content offered, weekly newsletters, updated blog posts on various topics, courses, downloads, and more!

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It’s time to take the limits off

Take the limits off. That’s what came to my mind as I watched a tiny bird in the tree outside of my office window. I found it interesting to watch him looking straight ahead fixed on an object in front of him and then he’d look around searching the surroundings. I wondered what he was thinking. It appeared that he was studying something in the distance as if he were determining what he was going to do next. Suddenly, he took off and flew high above our cul-de-sac and landed in a taller tree across the street as if he needed a higher level to view his surroundings and make his plans.

Hmm, does that speak to you about your life?

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Don’t wait for a health alert to get your attention

Last year May 31, 2015, I received a health alert of something the doctors advised me is genetic. The alert caused me to take note of what I needed to begin doing differently to take better care of myself so that it wouldn’t become more serious.  There have been many changes and more to come… Continue Reading

What pulls you? What breaks or excites your heart?

At times people are not clear about their purpose so they feel as if they are aimlessly living their lives working or serving in areas that leave them feeling empty. They often don’t step out of what’s familiar to step into what is rewarding. Do you feel that way? Can you see yourself in any… Continue Reading

Get unstuck from these two words

Are you feeling stuck? Have you found yourself asking people for coaching, advice, counsel or prayer? Have you often walked away still feeling stuck–frustrated, lacking clarity and just about ready to quit in a particular area?  Could it be that when you engage other people with your concerns your mind is not fully open to… Continue Reading

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