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Certified Personal & Executive Coach. Leadership Consultant/Trainer. Speaker. Author. Equipping women at various stages to create and implement next steps, navigate through obstacles and take action toward living the life they envision. Are you ready for success? You can do it!

“Lisa Shaw has truly been a blessing to my life. Her sessions display the real heart that she has for the women she pours into. She knows how to ask the right questions and her attentiveness and sensitivity to my situation has been a tremendous help in getting me to a place of clarity. I highly recommend her coaching/mentor services as you will not be disappointed!!”

~ Veronica S.

“Lisa has had a tremendous positive impact in moving me forward to goals that had been stagnant for several years. She has a way of asking questions causing you to dig deep and look past your fear to accomplish the purpose God has set before you. She will inspire you to step out of your fear into the future that God has planned for you!”

~ Tammy Rude, New York

“I have only known Lisa Shaw for a few months but I’ve been very impressed with her professionalism and her abilities. She is razor sharp in helping you to get clear about your direction.  She is very inspiring and motivating.  While my beliefs are not the same as hers, I respect and I am moved by her unwavering passion for her faith and compassion toward seeing women be their best selves. In a short time, I’ve learned from her. I am determined and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now because of her help. Thank you very much Lisa.”

~ GP

Lisa Shaw |Certified Personal & Executive Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Speaker. Author.


Welcome. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share what I envision for my clients. I realize you have your pick of where you could spend your time. I don’t take it lightly that you’ve decided to visit with me here at LisaShawCares. Whether I am serving one woman or a team of women, I want each one to feel welcomed, loved, valued, and appreciated. I want her to have an experience that fuels her forward…

Lisa Shaw | Public Speaker | LisaShawCares, LLC
Lisa Shaw | LisaShawCares, LLC
Lisa Shaw | Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Speaker. Author.
Lisa Shaw | Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Speaker. Author.