I just had the pleasure of teaching and coaching an amazing group of women at the This Year No Fear: Get Unstuck. Out of the Rut. women’s workshop at the Hilton. What a wonderful time we had.

I focused on several areas that I addressed in my newest book. One of the chapters is Permission To Reinvent Yourself.  Based on the feedback, permission to reinvent yourself really struck a chord with many of the women along with several other areas. Let’s talk for a moment about reinventing yourself and what that can mean.

1. Ending something to begin something new

This can be very difficult because many of us don’t like change even when it’s good for us. Often people would rather stay with what’s familiar even if it’s no longer the best for them rather then stepping out into uncharted territory.  I call it fear of the unknown. I’ll share on that in a future Newsletter/Blog. It’s also in the book to help you.

Holding on to something that we are afraid to let go of doesn’t allow room for what God intends to give to us. Is it time for you to end something in order to begin something new to fulfill your purpose? What’s the next step for you?

2. Doing something old in a new way.

This has been my life since the end of 2014. What I did for close to two decades, I felt God leading me to do it in a different way and so I began that in Dec. 2014.  Easy? Not at times. Rewarding? Yes, indeed. I’m still doing what I love but I’m doing it in a new way.

If you look back over your life I bet you’ll see other times that you reinvented something old into something new.  Do you need to give yourself permission to the do the same? Go for it.

3. A life-circumstance creates the need to reinvent yourself

Divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, relocation, medical or financial challenge and other life-circumstances are often reasons why people find themselves in the position of having to reinvent themselves.  That can be scary, difficult and challenging but with prayer combined with the right focus, support, and clarity you can courageously navigate through the crisis or challenge and come through it better then when you began.  I won’t tell you that it will be easy but what I will tell you is that You Have the Courage to Do It! (Chapter 7 in No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You).

4. Expect a range of emotions

When you are reinventing yourself expect to feel a range of emotions. There are moments you will feel powerful and moments you may feel powerless. It’s part of the process and the journey so don’t hide it or ignore it, learn from it and trust that God has a plan specifically with your name on it and it’s a good one.

Have you ever experienced someone telling you that you are crazy to begin again — to reinvent yourself? Has that experience prevented you from moving forward to the degree that you desired?  In my latest book, No Fear: Fear will Grip Your or Grow You, I share an incredibly powerful true story about two men in the automotive shop. One man talked the other out of reinventing himself — out of fulfilling his dream and after he left I stepped in. Find out what happened in that waiting room and what can happen for you? Grab the book. I’m excited in advance about how it will help support you. The oral and written feedback that I’m receiving about the book is priceless! I love seeing people learn how to navigate through fear and move forward in what is REALLY important to them.

Also, there is amazing power in being asked the right questions.  I’ll be sharing about that soon among many other topics.  At times, people overlook the questions or don’t take the time to answer them not realizing the power and freedom in taking a few moments to be transparent and tackle the challenging questions.  I’ve listed a few questions below. I hope you will take an extra 10 minutes to answer them for yourself. I believe it will be empowering for you.

Questions to empower you:

  1. Do you need to give yourself permission to reinvent yourself?
  2. What does reinvent look like for you?
  3. What’s preventing or hindering your decision to move forward?
  4. How has fear impacted your life?
  5. What would happen if you took the leap of faith right now?
  6. What is waiting for YOU on the other side of your willingness to leap forward?

Grab a journal book or a pad and join me for the topics that I will share at LisaShawCares.com and in upcoming webinars and more. Be sure to grab my new book No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You. For reviews and purchase please visit HERE.

Which one of the points above resonate with you? Give yourself permission to make change where it’s needed in your life.

Cheering you on!