I’m so blessed to have received an endorsement of my latest book release — No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You. My dear friend, Debbie from Heart Choices shared her thoughts below.  Thank you Debbie!

A Book Recommendation

No Fear: Fear Will Grip you or Grow You by Lisa Shaw

When I heard that Lisa Shaw had written her second book, I took notice.

I first met Lisa online through our blogs. After reading her words of encouragement for several years, I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person back in 2010. This is the kind of person Lisa is. She drove two hours from her home to my sister’s house in Florida just to meet me. We laughed, hugged and talked over Norwegian waffles.

Lisa’s first book “You are Beautiful in God’s Eyes” is something that every woman needs to read. The world’s ideas on beauty have eroded the true meaning of beauty. Each one of us was created uniquely by God.

And now Lisa has written her second book “No Fear: Fear will Grip you or Grow you”. That title grabbed my attention. I knew I had to buy it and read it.

Have you ever read a book that was just what you needed? This one was it for me.

Lisa writes in a conversational style that I love. It’s like having a personal coach right beside you. I’m in a place in life right now where I would love to finally complete a book I’ve been working on for too many years. I tend to use the excuse of no time but as I read Lisa’s words I realize it really is fear that is holding me back. What if my book is no good? What if nobody buys it except my close friends and family?

Listen to this quote from Lisa’s book:

“While we can’t control the when and the how of fear, we can learn to control our response to it.”

This is what I’ve been saying for years about our choices in life on Heart Choices. We can’t always control the circumstances in our lives but we can choose how we respond to those circumstances.

But I needed to hear it from a different perspective.

The book is organized into twelve chapters. The chapters are not too long (thank you Lisa) so it’s easy to read. Throughout each chapter are personal questions. I have to admit that I typically skim over these types of questions when reading a book.  But I decided to answer them. It made all the difference as I was able to see what was truly holding me back and why.

Maybe you’re not writing a book. But maybe you have a dream you’ve held inside your heart for too long. Is fear holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you continue to hear negative words in your head from people and circumstances from years ago? Have you allowed them to control your actions?

Chapter 4 is titled “What are you Hiding Behind?” This chapter was especially helpful to me. Lisa invites her reader to look at the questions they ask themselves. Instead of asking ‘why can’t you just do it’, consider re-wording the question ‘what makes you feel you can’t accomplish it’. I tried this on myself and discovered that it gave me the opportunity to express myself without feeling defensive.

Chapter 5 titled “You can’t Soar with your Head Down” helped me to go back to my childhood to discover where my fear may have originated. I was surprised by what I found.

Lisa writes: “Fear has a way of telling you that you are damaged in some way; lacking perfection therefore you can’t move forward. Don’t believe the lies.”

Throughout the book, Lisa provides examples from everyday life. Her love for Jesus overflows through her writing. She had the advantage of godly grandparents who influenced her greatly . This book is written from a Christian perspective and she provides many quotes and Bible verses to support her advice.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with fear and finds themselves stuck. It just might be the trigger to get you moving to finally fulfill the dreams in your heart.

To order your signed copy today please visit:  No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You