Marriage is under attack.  Husbands and wives are facing challenges even more in 2013 that are attempting to hinder their relationship and in some cases is tearing down the marriage covenant. Such challenges as infidelity, financial stress (income lower than expenses, medical bills), or disagreements over the management of funds, differing parenting styles, prodigal children, miscommunication, selfishness, hurt feelings, outside influences and more.  

On this program, Lisa shares 10 practical tips to strengthen your Marriage Covenant.  You can also download this list from the FREE Resources/Marriage link on the navigation bar

By God’s grace, I have been married for 23 years (and counting), and have had the privilege to support people for many years who are invested in improving their marriage covenant.  During the course of the year you will find new materials that will help you to improve your marriage based on the practical application of biblical principles.   You can have a healthy, vibrant and content marriage. It is possible.