“It’s a HUGE blessing to be able to accomplish my goals through your coaching & getting unstuck on things that were holding me back from moving forward. Thank you!” Aida Santiago

Lisa has been a friend and spiritual mentor for many years, but our relationship only took on this coaching dynamic in 2016.   I have been in business for several years now and had become “stuck” as to how to move forward and into the level on which I felt God was calling me in this season.   The time we have spent together has been invaluable for me, and I am happy to say that I now have more ideas and energy than I have ever had!  Through my coaching sessions with Lisa, I learned about procrastination and the fear that it sometimes masks, I have found tools to help me in gaining clarity as well as marketing my business, and I have developed a prayer strategy to help me become more effective in managing business affairs.  I have no doubt that this will be an unprecedented year of quality production and (dare I say it!) record revenues for me as I continue to learn more about becoming “unstuck” in what the Lord has called me to do. Belinda, TX

I would like to share my review of this past Saturday’s workshop, “This Year No Fear- Get Unstuck, Out of The Rut, It’s Time to Soar!” in Orlando. I was built up on a personal level and as a businesswoman to keep stretching and challenging myself this year. I made friends who are likewise entrepreneurs and we are not only dreaming but like Lisa coaches us we’re “doing what we need to do, for as long as we need to, to get to our success”! I haven’t stopped working on my business plan since Saturday with Lisa’s strategies and I recommend wholeheartedly http://lisashawcares.com/ for your coaching/business or personal development.
Mrs. Ivonne Gonzalez,
owner of The Turn Dance Studio

“A special thank you to Pastor Lisa Shaw, after attending your workshop ” This year No Fear” it has encouraged me to step outside the box!! As mentioned in her book,”No Fear” Chapter 10, I will reinvent myself!” Jessica Rodriguez

“Lisa has had a tremendous positive impact in moving me forward to goals that had been stagnant for several years. She has a way of asking questions causing you to dig deep and look past your fear to accomplish the purpose God has set before you. She will inspire you to step out of your fear into the future that God has planned for you!” Tammy Rude (2nd endorsement)

“Lisa Shaw has truly been a blessing to my life. Her sessions display the real heart that she has for the women she pours into. She knows how to ask the right questions and her attentiveness and sensitivity to my situation has been a tremendous help in getting me to a place of clarity. I highly recommend her coaching/mentor services as you will not be disappointed!!” Veronica S.

“I have only known Lisa Shaw for a few months but I’ve been very impressed with her professionalism and her abilities. She is razor sharp in helping you to get clear about your direction.  She is very inspiring and motivating.  While my beliefs are not the same as hers, I respect and I am moved by her unwavering passion for her faith and compassion toward seeing women be their best selves. In a short time, I’ve learned from her.  I am determined and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now because of her help. Thank you very much Lisa.” GP

I met Lisa as a result of a divine appointment several years ago.  Ever since then, she has been a PRICELESS addition to my life.  She’s mentored me in key areas of my life, softly (yet firmly) encouraging my growth.  Recently, she has become my Coach as well and oooh, what a blessing those sessions have been to my life!!!  This eagle is coming out of its shell and slowly but surely SOARing to a limitless sky!!!  Lisa is the REAL thing – what you see is what you get.  Everyone needs to have a “Lisa” in their lives.  Forever grateful!” Isa Suarez

“My wife and I received valuable coaching from Lisa Shaw during a crucial time in our lives.  The coaching was invaluable as it taught us how to communicate better and rekindled a spark in our marriage. Truly without her coaching my marriage would have been over. ” Carl S.

“Our marriage coaching classes were intensive and informative.  Lisa showed us how to better understand each other and communicate in ways we never have before.  Lisa’s wisdom and wealth of knowledge is just what we needed to help get our marriage back on track. She knows how to ask the right questions to make you think.  This was truly a blessing for us both.” Kenya

“I was stuck! But just in our first coaching session she tapped into places of my life that I didn’t even know was keeping me from moving forward. This is more then a business, it’s a passion of hers.” Tammy Rude, New York

“I have had the pleasure of following Lisa on social media for a number of years. She’s been my coach without my asking. I view her in many capacities. She is a leader, a teacher, a mentor, a spiritual adviser, and yes a coach. It is wonderful to walk away from my iPad feeling that I have gained in so many capacities from being under her leadership. You will be empowered for sure if you connect with her.” Verna, Michigan

“Lisa has helped me to move from being afraid to move to being afraid not to move. I’m glad that she is serious about helping you to reach your goals. She definitely knows how to help you to get clarity.  I have been stagnant for longer then I realized in my personal life on many levels and Lisa helped me to get to the root of the problem. She will help you find the tools that are customized just for you and your current situation. Get in touch with her and as she says, make the investment in yourself because it’s worth it. She’s right. Thank you Lisa.” Maria Rose Garcia

“Before the official title of coach, Lisa was already coaching me and many other women for years. She has great insight and a caring heart. She knows how to ask the right question to make you swim rather than drown. She brings business savvy experience, a teacher-mentor-coach heart and a love for God to the table. Whether you are spiritual or not, you will want to work with her. She doesn’t look at anything other than helping you to see your life in the best possible way and to take a course of action that will give you great results. She is serious about her faith and her care of people and it shows in her coaching.  Jump in and let her coach you, you won’t regret it. She will help you.” Stephanie R.

“Lisa Shaw’s deep love for her Lord is obvious as she speaks with passion through her life-changing messages. She has a heart for today’s woman and loves to encourage them in their relationship with Jesus Christ.”  Tammy Rude, Not Mine But God’s Story

“Pastor Lisa is a wonderful and powerful woman of God.  Her love for the Lord and people is instantly recognized when you are in her presence.  She has been a great blessing in my life as a friend, teacher and leader.” Ranee Robinson, Virginia

“As a Pastor I am so ever grateful to call her a genuine sister in Christ and count it all joy to call her my friend.  It is because of her genuine heart I can tell you that her Ministry is genuine and authentic and you will be blessed by her teachings, and outreach to others.  Her Ministry is a ministry that will bear much fruit and as you are fed with her words I pray that you allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through her words and teaching.  God Bless!”  Pastor Sophie George, Virginia

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Shaw for many years as we followed each other’s blogs since 2008.  I was instantly attracted to her warmth, overflowing joy and love for the Lord.  I found it infectious.  Lisa prays about everything.  After reading about my personal story, she reached out and gifted me with a blog makeover for Heart Choices.  That’s the kind of person she is. I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet Lisa face to face in 2009.  I already felt I knew her as I’d been interacting with her online.  But Lisa took time out of her busy life to drive one hour and forty minutes just to  meet me when I was visiting family in Florida.  We hugged, we laughed and we cried.  We’re both originally from New York.  We shared stories of our childhood and how we grew in our faith walk.  Lisa graciously ate some of my Norwegian waffles. Lisa is a lifelong friend to me and sister in Christ.  I know she will impact many women as she ministers in Jesus’ name.” Debbie Sumstad Petras, Heart Choices

“Few individuals have had the insight into the heart of Christ as Lisa Shaw has and fewer still have been able to make its application inescapable. Lisa Shaw, whether on radio, her blogs, website, social media, teachings, her books or face to face, is a treasure to the Body of Christ and there is no denying Lisa is the example of God’s heart!”  Minister Stacye Earl,  Standing Ready Ministries

“Lisa (Shaw) has the unique ability to touch the heart of each woman in her listening audience right where they’re at. Lisa speaks with a powerful voice of love, healing and wholeness.  As Lisa shares the word of God her heart clearly reflects the heart of God for His women. Her messages are always anointed, on point and thought provoking. She brings forth encouragement as well as challenges the listener to go beyond the mundane to have a deeper more engaging walk with the Lord. Having had the opportunity to have Lisa as a guest speaker proved to be life changing not only for myself but for the women who were ministered to by her words. The feedback we received was phenomenal; the women were stretched to maturity, provoked to Love, and stirred to walk in the fullness of what the Father has desired for them.”  Tony Robinson, Well Watered Woman Ministries

“Lisa is one unique kind of person that you need to connect with. She has the ability to inspire, encourage and instruct others very well. She has a great passion for her Lord and a big heart of compassion for others. She knows her purpose well. That is – to see other lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Her passion for God and her drive and effort in helping others will challenge anyone in having a greater passion for the Lord and in helping others.” Pastor Susan Means, Inner Circle Ministries, Arkansas

“As a fellow Sister-in-Christ, I’d love to welcome each of you to the wonderful ministry of Lisa Shaw. She is truly a God-fearing, Loving, Obedient, Wise & Beautiful Woman of our Lord. I met her many years ago at a Women’s Retreat and have immensely enjoyed following her ministry since! I think (know) you will be blessed in her presence, whether in person or online! Much Love & Blessings to all!” Vondora Moss

“Lisa is a warm hearted, passionate person and loves her family. She displays all the fruits of the Spirit. When I met Lisa for the first time doing one of her Bible Based Living Classes years ago I knew that she was a true woman of God.  She brings the word for your understanding and speaks on real life issues.  Sister Lisa is a wonderful woman that loves the Lord.  She meets no strangers — her light shines always for the Lord. Her teaching, mentoring and preaching is not limited to one but to all that needs a word from the Lord. I feel so honored to know sister Lisa Shaw.”  Renaye Freeman, Virginia

“Lisa Shaw has an undeniable passion for prayer and supporting women. In 2010, I was new to online ministry and she was one of the first to encourage me. Lisa still prays for me and the work God is doing in my life. Me and the “Wives On Purpose” were blessed beyond measure as Lisa served as our guest prayer leader in March 2013. I am thankful that Lisa’s ministry reaches beyond physical boundaries and spreads God’s unfailing love to women across the world wide web!” Lisa Ellis Williams, Wives On Purpose Ministry

Lisa is an amazing woman of God, gentle in spirit and strong in faith. When her life enters or parallels another life, transformation and healing comes as Jesus oozes through her. Andrea Bowling Perdue, Arise 2 Write

Lisa Shaw is a blessing to the Body of Christ from her winning smile that invites you to come, sit and listen as she imparts words of wisdom and spiritual truth from the Word of God. Her passion for Christ is evident in every conversation, and her love for Him compels her to reach out with the healing promise of His word and life. Andrea B., New Seasons Healing & Restoration Ministries, Texas

“Lisa’s passion and love for God and his children has helped me to grow in my faith over the years by being connected to her ministry. There have been many times in my life where a message would appear from Lisa just when I needed an answer from God for a particular situation in my life.  Over the years that I have known Lisa (since early 90’s) there has been a profound calling in her life from God for her to use the gifts that God has blessed her with. When Lisa speaks, you can’t help but listen.  Lisa has been blessed with a gift from God under his authority to spread the news of salvation and his love.  I pray that you will be blessed as I have been. ” Janet Latham, New Jersey

“Pastor Lisa is a very powerful and knowledgeable woman of God. She possesses outstanding qualities that allow her to be that ear to give Godly advice as it pertains to the Word of God.  She teaches Biblical principals for real life situations.  Pastor Lisa’s dedication and commitment is definitely an asset to the Kingdom of God.” Josette Porter, California

“Lisa has a heart for God’s people. One of her passions is to teach of God’s grace and mercy in our lives by letting others know through her words and actions how our lives have been benefited and how we can continue to benefit by God’s grace in our lives.  She is a Leader with great compassion for her Ministry to women.  She teaches them God’s love and compassion by not just teaching his word but by being a living example; by sending cards, emails, special love gifts, being a mentor and letting them know how they are loved and cherished as God’s chosen children.  There is so much I can say for the heart of Lisa; however, it will take me several pages.  She ministers to all with the word of God tenderly and with conviction to help others in trials in tribulations to walk through with the image of God in their mind and heart.” A Friend

“Praise the Lord Saints!  It is and has been a pleasure knowing my friend Pastor Lisa Shaw.  I can honestly say that she is a Mighty Woman of God. She loves God’s people and she desires the best for each of us.  She is one who will stand with you in prayer with the Word of God.  Lisa knows from experience that His Word is built to last. I love her dearly.” Evangelist Jackae Jackson, Rhema Harvest Church, Virginia

“Lisa Shaw has been a blessing in my family’s life before I actually met her.  I met her at my reception – this anointed and faithful intercessor of God prayed for my husband and I “on the spot.”  She has such great compassion for God and serving His creation.  “You shall know them by their fruit.”  She is ready in season and out to minister to the deep areas of a person’s soul.  I greatly admire and respect the spirit of submission she exemplifies in her relationship to God as well as in her marriage.  An unselfish and beautiful spirit, many have been blessed just to know her.  My family surely has.” Robin Wrice, Contributing Author to Praise Report, Volume II, by Crosswalk.com, Virginia

“Lisa has a passion and love for God that shows through everything she does and is. My encounter with her spirit has helped inspire me to seek the Holy Spirit and I truly believe although the time I have known her has been short, the Father has sent her to me in Love to help open that door. I miss and love you Lisa. God Bless you, your family and may the Holy Spirit continue to guide you in all you do.” Deirdre Brown, Virginia

“Lisa’s love for the Lord pours out when you are in her presence.  Lisa sees no color, no background level, and certainly no faults in others which makes her a precious true Christian.  Her knowledge of the Bible is very important and how she has mastered to present the Word to others to want to learn more and to grow in faith and learn to love.  She has a great way of sharing the Word and truly makes you feel loved while doing so.” Robin Taranto, Florida

“Lisa Shaw Ministries has helped, and BLESSED me in many ways, and helped me thru two huge trials in my life. You can find CHRISTIAN guidance, prayer, and advice. I thank God for this ministry.” Love In Christ  Cheryl Haurik


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