There’s a saying on social media especially on Facebook, if you’re not engaging in a group to the degree of others you are labeled a lurker. Now, in some cases there are people who join every group, add friend to every page, click the follow button, and get notifications on several social media platforms but never engage.  Perhaps they are lurkers, but today I want to speak to you, the woman who just doesn’t engage as much as everyone else does.  Let me just tell you that it’s OK! You are not a lurker, perhaps you are a person that needs time to think — to process all the information that is scrolling down the page, videos that are added, LIVE conversations that are taking place and more.

We all take in information, filter and process differently. By definition I’m a HUGE extrovert. I’m able to walk into a room of complete strangers and engage. I love speaking publicly. I have no problems shaking hands and hugging people I don’t know. I’m outspoken and have often been told I’m bold, courageous, strong, caring, compassionate and motivating. I am so thankful to be seen in that light but as extroverted as I am, there are still situations where I am quiet, thinking, praying, filtering and properly processing information — then I engage.

God has created ALL of us in uniquely different ways that’s why labels don’t typically work. While we each may lean more toward some tendencies then toward others, we are all a bit more beautifully and creatively complex then a ONE word label. So the next time you feel awkward because you are not engaging as much as others, don’t permit one word labels like lurker to throw you off. Engage when you have processed and are ready to jump in but also, don’t permit yourself to stay silent out of fear, doubt or feeling inadequate. I’ll talk more about that in a different post. You are more powerful and amazing then you may realize. Remember that and LIVE fully!

When I coach women I quickly learn what style of learning works for them so that I can better coach them toward ultimately reaching a clear vision of what they want to accomplish in their personal or professional lives. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert (words that are commonly used), find out what works for you and engage it. It’s OK to be who YOU are! Unapologetically. We learn and develop differently so embrace who God has made you to be.

Now, go SHINE brightly! I’m here to support you on your journey. Contact me if you’re interested in being supported at this amazing season of your life.