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In case you missed it, the summer issue of Woman to Woman Magazine is out and ready for you to enjoy.   I have the pleasure of being one of the writers for this beautiful magazine. Be sure to visit the link below and grab your issue.  All of the articles are amazing, but the one on friendship gave me tears and a moment of revelation about something I have been praying about. Isn’t that what writing for women is all about?  Whether you write on your blog or social media posts, or for a magazine or a published book, we want to write in a way that captures the heart of a woman while honoring God. That’s what it’s about for me.

When I sat in front of my laptop screen to write the article for Woman to Woman Magazine, I did what I know to do. I paused and prayed. I prayed for what God would have me to write.  I quieted myself to hear His voice –His direction and leading.  I then prayed for the amazing team of women who write and construct the magazine.  I asked God to give them wisdom in what He wanted them to share with women and I prayed against the distractions that may attempt to hinder their writing.   I paused and thought of all of the women the magazine will reach.  Tears streamed down my face as I prayed for them–the women who are single, married, widowed and divorced.  The women who are raising children alone and those who are raising children with spouses.  I prayed for the women who feel unsupported, who view their bodies, and life experiences through a negative lens.  I prayed for the women who want to know God more intimately and I prayed that what we shared in our articles would assist them in that hot pursuit of more of God.  I prayed for the women who hide behind sweet sounding status posts on their social media, or are singing and smiling in the chairs at church, when their hearts are really hurting inside and they need a touch from God.  I prayed for the women who are not hearing, I love you.  I prayed they would hear it from GOD Himself.  I prayed for the women who are determined to live their lives with their eyes toward Heaven–keeping Jesus first.  I prayed for the women who don’t know Him yet and His love for them.

I prayed.

The tears flowed.  Why the tears? Because I genuinely care about women–all women. Women in the faith and women who are not yet in the faith. As a woman who has lived some things, I know some of the pains, questions and cares we can have as women along with the incredible joys and laughter. I also know how amazing it is when we support each other in person, across the air waves, social media posts, articles and books that we write.

My fingers hit the keyboard and out came
, He adores you and so I wrote that message for any and all women who view the summer issue of Woman to Woman Magazine. I pray that the article along with all the awesome articles written by some pretty amazing women, would capture your heart as a woman and give you revelation and encouragement and stir you on to live the life God has for you. I pray you will know that we love you and so we write the heart of women.

John 15:12 (ESV) “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

Click the image below to take you to the current and previous issues of the Woman to Woman Magazine. Be sure to check out the other contributors who write to bless you.  And remember, you are adored!


Blessings and peace,

Lisa Shaw

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  1. One of the most genuine, faith-filled women I know! Your tears are a gift to the rest of us. Love you.

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