Worn carpet. Wet face. Dry mouth. Burdened heart.


By Lisa Shaw

Philippians 4:13 (AMP) I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency].

2014 a year that began with great expectation—a year full of hope and promise. I still remember the first radio broadcast I did for 2014 on The Whole Woman online radio program. It was a series on Living an Exceptional Year. I was under no delusions that the year would bring its share of laughter and tears—pain and joy. And so walk with me as I share my year at a glance.

A worn carpet
A wet face
A dry mouth
A body lacking sleep
Moments of discouragement and loneliness. Yes, Leaders get discouraged and at times feel loneliness and yes, we can still be used by God to lift the hearts of others. We are human too.


A burdened heart. Burdened for the ones whom I love and desire for them to leave the path of destruction and step onto the path of righteousness. Burdened for the little ones I love whose lives I have been tasked by God to now nurture, raise and protect. Burdened for the broken-hearted people God sent in my path to pray for and to encourage in His Word. Burdened for the phone calls, texts, in-person meetings, comments, emails and direct messages from those who were facing hardships of every kind imaginable—death, broken families, loss of homes and loved ones, prodigal sons and daughters seemingly moving further into the path of darkness rather than into the light, marriages ended, friendships dissolving, churches crumbling, leaders falling, ministries struggling, businesses going under, needing tuition for their loved ones, medical coverage’s ending, diagnosis of cancer, diabetes and the like. Burdened for the unexpected that came in the form of illness, hurts and discouragements in my own life.

Yes, 2014 has been a year of worn carpet. A wet face. A dry mouth. A body lacking sleep, times of discouragement, loneliness and a burdened heart and with all of that…

I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey. Why? Because walking with Jesus has changed my life.

You see in the midst of that which I mentioned and even more that I have not; I could see Christ in the crisis. Do you know why the carpet is worn? I stayed in prayer often walking the carpet for long periods of time praying and seeking the LORD in every matter. I know that He heard me because my hope is in Him. My face was wet from hot tears that often flowed when the words would no longer come and the Holy Spirit would tenderly and powerfully speak for me as I walked and prayed. My mouth was often dry because I pray for long periods of time often until the saliva in my mouth was gone then I’d find myself humming a tune of praise and thanksgiving to God. Even in the lack of sleep and the times of discouragement, loneliness and burdened heart…

I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey. Why? Because walking with Jesus has changed my life.

You see 2014 hasn’t been filled with solely challenges. No, no. It’s been a year overflowing in great blessings at every turn. That same worn carpet from my steadfast praying also experienced many moments of my walking into the arms of my husband, watching my grand-babies run around the house chasing after Grandpa, hugging and praying over my beautiful youngest daughter who would smile and hug me as she said goodbye to us and her nieces and went out to face the day. Often times my face was wet with hot tears and my mouth dry due to serious laughter. At times I fall so deep into sleep you could have hit me with a brick. In those few moments I would wake and say, “Thank You Abba for giving me sweet sleep”. While my heart remained burdened for many people and many situations, there were many more times when I would hear praise reports of God answering those prayers and handling those situations. At times when I felt discouraged, lonely and winded in the battle Jesus would say, “Lean on Me Daughter. I will hold you up. Give Me your hand. I will guide you. Lean on My shoulder. I will dry your tears. I will strengthen you as I always have.”

Yes. I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey. Why? Because walking with Jesus has changed my life.

I am a woman of prayer because I am a woman of great hope; Hope in Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith. I keep my eyes focused on Him. For He’s the lifter of my head and the soothing relief for my heart. He refreshes me and sends me forth to continue on the journey. And with its hills and valleys Jesus is with me every step of the way.

Nope. I would not trade one part of the journey of my life with Jesus. Not one. He has changed my life—my perspective—He has changed me. He has blessed me also this year with an incredible group of amazing women who have walked with me on the journey of Women Walking with Jesus. Their stories and love have encircled my heart and have been imprinted on my life. I am grateful that we share the bond of Jesus. I love them, each one. I’m grateful for the journey.

I want to encourage you to embrace Him and walk your journey well with Jesus. The journey continues. Keep going forward. Run on in the faith and know that I’m praying with and for you!


1_LisaShaw_EmailPhotoLisa Shaw knows that Jesus’ love is the story of her life. She’s founder of LisaShawCares.com. She’s a Bible Teacher, Event Speaker, Author of You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes, host of the Whole Woman online radio program, an ordained Pastor, Mentor/Coach and is on the pastoral staff of The Better Life Empowerment Center with her husband. Most recently she has accepted the privilege of launching a group at at True Life Choices (a Christian based center), in their new TL Parenting Education Center to help women to mature spiritually and live the lives God has purposed for them.  By God’s grace Lisa helps people to build and blossom in their lives by seeing themselves through God’s eyes. Her most favorite role is the privilege of being wife to her husband of over 24 years, Peter Shaw, mother to two adult children, grandma to two sisters. Lisa believes the quote that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. She cares.  Visit with her here at www.LisaShawCares.com


13 Responses to Worn carpet. Wet face. Dry mouth. Burdened heart.

  1. Blessings, Lisa! I wouldn’t trade my journey either. Yes, there have been ups and downs, tough times, and some pain. However, Jesus was with me every step of the way, leading, guiding, comforting and teaching. I am so thankful for the journey He’s brought me on and I am looking forward to 2015 with joyful expectancy! Our God is a great God! Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings & love, Joan

  2. Love your passion for Jesus and prayer, Lisa. You know what they say “The anointing of the one you submit to trickles down to you as well.” So thankful to be under your anointing and I, too, am becoming a more passionate follower of Jesus. Love you!

    • Dearest Mary, your words are soothing to my heart. I give God the praise and am honored to serve you and the other ladies as we collectively serve the community online for the sake of the Gospel. Love and hugs to you!

    • Hi Cheri, so glad you’ve been visiting and I thank God you are being blessed. I’m here if you need me and more importantly JESUS is right with you. You’re welcome to visit any time and I look forward to hearing from you again.

      New Year blessings and love to you.

  3. Amen, 2014 brought with it exceptional blessings, challenges and heartaches but I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey. It has been a journey of stretching, growing, building and grace and that alone makes it all worthwhile.

    Praying for an over abundance of joy, love and the blessings of the Lord that make one rich and add no sorrow to be your greater portion in 2015.

  4. You are a prayer warrior Lisa! There is such power in prayer. How many difficulties could be overcome if only we’d get on our knees and pray? I love that you have a worn carpet and a burdened heart. As I look around at our world today I know the only answer to our problems is …JESUS!

    May we live our lives in Him each day. May His love be evident to others as they come into contact with us. And as we see lives change …may He get the glory.

    Love you Lisa,

    • You said it here Debbie: “May we live our lives in Him each day. May His love be evident to others as they come into contact with us. And as we see lives change …may He get the glory.”

      I love and appreciate you!

  5. Can you imagine all the lives you’ve touched with that very testimony?! Likely not, but I for one am always blessed by your passion & authenticity. Keep on keepin’ on, sweet friend. As He makes changes in your life we can trust Him to make the needed changes in our own.


    Happy New Year!!!!

    • I am blessed by your presence in my life Kathleen–your steadfast spirit and love for God and people and for me. 🙂 Thank you for being a gift to my life. Blessed New Year to you and your family.

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