Where to Get Everything You Need

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Philippians 4:19, New Century Version

“My God will use his wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need.

Nearly every day as we drive home, we stop at a corner that is filled with homeless men (and sometimes women) asking for money or odd jobs or food. Most of the time the men hold signs that say something to get your attention. Some of them are witty, others are a little gruff. A few more get right to the point.

Today’s sign ripped my heart in two. It read:

“NEED.  Anything helps.”

As I stared at this man’s sign, I thought how right he was. NEED. Nothing more to say.

NEED. Anything helps.

He holds this sign for food and a place to stay. A job if possible.

NEED. Anything helps.

I hold this sign as I battle discouragement. For help to get over myself. For a God of rescue to come through for me again.

NEED. Anything helps.

A friend of mine holds this sign in a battle of fear. It’s nearly taken her down before and this time she’s fighting the good fight. She holds this sign up to a God who has power even over death.

NEED. Anything helps.

Someone very close to me holds this sign over his addiction. It’s a daily struggle. A minute to minute wanting. He holds this sign before a God who continually has angels bow before Him, shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

NEED. Anything helps.

A Man I’m getting to know each day, tells a story of being so overwhelmed he sweat blood while praying in a garden. The cup given to him seemed too heavy to drink from. He was learning obedience. He was suffering for redemption. He held his sign before a Father who was making a way.

NEED. Anything helps.

I don’t know what your holding your sign up for today. But I would love the chance to pray for you. Even a simple comment below that says “Please pray” would be enough. I know the One who is able. Stop striving and bring your need to Him. He comes through. He will fight for you. It’s kind of His thing.


KSchiffmanBioPhotoKristen Schiffman is a Bible study writer and teacher who loves chai lattes and blank pages. She’s served on staff at multiple women’s ministries and is the co-founder of The Dinner Table Collective (set to launch in early 2015). You can find her online at Kristen-Schiffman.com and The Dinner Table Collective.

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  1. Kristen,

    When I first read this, I cried. Now, today, I read it again and I cried some more because it’s REAL! It speaks to the heart of any man or woman. There are SO many needs and the most humbling truth is that Jesus is there for us! He cares about every name and every need! We only need to call out to Him, by faith with a heart that says, “Only You can supply the fullness of the need”.

    You asked to pray with any and all who is holding a sign. I’m holding the sign for someone whom I love who is running the wrong direction and needs to make a u-turn and run toward the only One who will transform her thoughts, heal her heart, strengthen her spirit, put a smile on her face, joy in her heart and bless her beyond what she could possibly think, ask or imagine. His Name is Jesus. I need her heart to be pliable to His touch, today.

    Praying for your needs and your loved ones/friends you mentioned above.

    Love you.

  2. Kristen,

    Oh….how I needed this today. It’s been a year tomorrow since I rubbed my sweet Daddy’s forehead while he breathed his last here on earth. I dreamed about him last night — one of only two times over the past year that I have done that. We sat at a table and talked and talked and talked. Then he got on an elevator and I woke up. I wanted to go back to sleep.

    Need. Anything helps.

    Much love,

    • Hugging you in prayer Dori for God’s comfot and strength for you and your family. I know those feelings as I still experience them for my brother who I lost when he was 23 years old in 1994, my Grandma who’s hand I was not ready to let go of in 1990 and my Grandpa (my hero) who also went to the Lord in 2007. I still have very clear dreams with them individually and collectively. Much love to you and may your memories and dreams be filled of all the sweetness of Abba’s love and your Daddy’s love.

    • Dori, I’ve so been here! I just prayed for you. And will continue to. Praying that even here, in this sorrow, you would see the fingerprints of our eternal God. The One who makes all things new, sets all things right, and sings sweetly over us. May He sing over you all day.

  3. I can’t express how much I love your heart, Kristen. Being your friend is an honor.

    So many needs all around us and so often we are too “busy” to see the signs people are holding up in front of them. That’s what makes me fall in love with Jesus, though.. He wasn’t ever too busy while on Earth to stop for someone’s need. This same characteristic is true of you & Lisa!

    Today, I write in for my father. He struggles in his addiction and to be honest, I’m not even sure where he is right now. Thank you for the prayers, for the friendship and for modeling who Jesus is to a world so desperate to find anyone who will care enough to notice.

    • Elisse, I count it an honor to pray for your father along with Kristen and the team of women here. Thank you for commenting and entrusting the need with us. Blessings and love to you! Let’s pray together now for your father…

      Abba Father, I lift Elisse father to you. You know his name, his spiritual and natural condition and the pain and struggle he’s in right now. I pray Holy Spirit, you’d draw his heart toward Jesus and that his heart and will would bend to that of Yours, I pray against the stronghold of addiction in his life! Break the strong holds…sour his taste and desire to the addiction that the enemy has used to hold him. I pray for comfort for him and strength to say YES to YOU and no to the plans of the enemy. I pray comfort and peace for Elisse and her family. Thank You Abba Father that your divine will shall be done in his life. Thank You Lord Jesus that your arms are open to Him and that your redeeming, delivering and restorative power will be seen and thank you Holy Spirit that even now you are breaking up the hard ground in his life and causing his heart to be pliable to the plans and purposes of the Father and those plans and purposes are for his blessing and God’s glory. Please send Christian men in his path that will love him, speak the Word of life to Him; men who have been bound in addictions that are now free indeed and can speak to the pains and struggle in his life. I pray with a heart of gratitude for what is being done even now for Your glory God in Jesus precious and mighty name! Amen and Amen!

    • Elisse, Praying for the chains of addiction to be BROKEN in your father’s life and for Christ’s freedom to truly set him free! I’m asking God wild things here! Asking Him for *this* to be the year — the year your father surrenders what seems to fix in the moment, for what fixes forever. Our God is one of restoration and I’m standing with you that we will see it here. Love you!

  4. Kristen:
    My heart breaks for many today. “Need. Anything helps!” I storm the heavens in prayer for healing, restoration, and freedom in the lives of many I know and many I don’t know. Thank you for sharing your heart with each of us.

    I pray for sweet peace, love, and comfort to over come you today. I pray Jesus will fill you to overflowing with His presence as you go about your day.

    Blessings and prayers,

    • Andrea, I’m so grateful for women like you! Women who storm heaven in prayer on behalf of those who are suffering and broken today. His love endures forever, how awesome that we get the chance to offer it here in this world? Thanking God for you.

  5. Kristen, Have always loved your heart and your prolific way of ministering by pen. I stand in need every day, and just this morning I was asking the Lord to give me victory over a sin struggle. This helped my focus. Much love to you.

    • LauraLee, You’ve been on my heart so much. I keep meaning to email you! Praying for victory this morning for you & celebrating your obedience in bringing this specific thing to Jesus. It isn’t always easy, is it?! Ah, but He heals.

    • LauraLee your heart of transparency before the Lord I am sure is pleasing to Him. I pray for the victory of freedom over the sin area you’ve laid before Jesus. As I prayed for you I was reminded of Hebrews 4 and that He is our High Priest. Blessings to you!

  6. Kristen: This was divinely set today. As I woke this morning I had a need that I really should get before the Lord today to go to the thrown of grace to have some commune time with the Father and our Lord Savoir Jesus Christ. And pray and commune daily but today is different its stronger today to differently set aside today for me to get in the presence of God for as long as he wants. Thank you I know God is doing a work and wants his people to be healed, delivered, and the lost to experience his saving love. As I go before The Lord on today please touch and agree with me for what ever God wants to reveal to me by The Holy Spirt and that I’m focused on Him. That my glorifies Him. Thank you, Veronica

    • Praying with and for you as well Veronica as you receive the revelation from the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit and may you have the strength to walk in all that He has revealed to you for you are precious in His sight. Blessings!

    • Karen. Oh, how I have been in this place of having a need that was meant to be kept offline. PRAYING right now in the mighty name of Jesus for you and your family. Praying to God who already knows your specifics and is more than able to handle them. I’m thanking Jesus for the work He will complete and for the power He offers. May He be everything to you today and may you feel Him drawing near. Your God is good, Karen! And He reigns.

  7. Kristen:

    What a wonderful word this morning! Little did that man know that his expression was a reflection of hearts everywhere, including, and maybe even especially, those in,our own back yards.

    How many times have I prayed ‘Help, Lord, anything’? He hears every cry and knows what the help is, often when we don’t have a clue. I’m lifting each of these written requests with you this morning and so many others who ‘NEED help anything’ today.

    Thank you for sharing your heart.


  8. What needy people we all are! And so many times I go without what I need because I am too lazy or too timid or too busy or too ”whatever” to go to my Father and ask for His help! He wants to help me. He wants to supply my needs. But I have to want His help and his supplies. Please pray that I will be a better Christian. Thanks!

    • Marilyn, I’m praying your heart of surrender will bring forth much fruit. I love your willingness to come hungry to Jesus and watch Him supply your need.

  9. Please pray
    I have 2 children in their 40’s still going in the wrong direction!
    I have a sister-in-law with terminal cancer and I am struggling with my own issues
    I truly need prayer!

    • Ann, thank you for entrusting your families needs to us to pray in agreement with you. I am praying now for your sister in law and for your adult children and for your needs as well. Praying the peace, healing and strength of Jesus be seen in every area. Wrapping my arms around you in prayer right now as I trust God with you for every need. Blessings to you.

    • Ann, Praying for you today and asking Jesus to reroute their course. He knows their inner longings and just what will capture them anew. Asking him for it. Praying for your sister-in-law and you as well. <3

  10. I too have had that sign, although not visible to others. We all have needs and there are times when those needs become overwhelming. But how thankful I am to run to Jesus. Even now as I write this comment, I am in the midst of ongoing trials and challenges. But I am a child of the most High. He is my shelter in the storm. Your words reminded me; beautiful Kristen.

    Blessings and love,

  11. Great post and reminder that we’re all in Need and know our anything is He which is Everything… Thanks for linking up, Wanda.

  12. Hi Kristen,

    Wow this is so amazing! I think one of the most important things and a first step to fulfillment is realizing the NEEDs. I know of many (me included many many times) who pray for their wants and not Needs.

    This is a powerful post. Thank you for sharing!!

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