When Trouble Comes, Sing!

By Mary Zatkalik

We’re smack in the middle of the Monsoon season in Arizona. It is always an adventure when those ominous clouds roll over the sky followed by lightning and bolts of thunder. The downpour is fast and the accumulation of water threatening. Expect the power to go out!

My favorite Monsoon memory occurred when our friends, Cary & Tressa, took us out to dinner to celebrate our friendship in style. We could enjoy their company in a hamburger joint, but they chose a German cuisine complete with posh ambiance. I still remember peering over the menu with Cary as he explained all the different ways the Swiss-trained chef could prepare my Rib Eye Steak. The chef’s daughter waited the tables and the room was filled. On a scale of one to ten, her charismatic personality was eleven. The rain began to fall and Tressa told me not to worry. She saw the clouds roll in and tossed her umbrella in her purse before she left the house. She would walk me out to my car when we were ready to leave because after all, we were dolled up in our favorite dresses. Lightning flashed and with one thunder boom, the power went off. We all sat in darkness wondering if the restaurant had a generator. Could they complete everyone’s dinner order? Candles flickered on every table, yet it seemed so dark. I will never forget what happened next. The daughter-waitress with the million dollar personality belted out Etta James’ song, “Stormy Weather,” acapella fashion. What a voice! I began to relax, even smile same as about 60 other tense customers!

What is it about a song that’s so powerful to change the atmosphere? It happened to King Jehosophat in the Old Testament. He was served this notice: “The enemy was on the horizon.” He gathered his people together and asked them to fast with him. They needed to get God’s direction for a way out of this. The Lord spoke to them. “Be not afraid or dismayed at this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” 2 Chronicles 20:15. We might say it today like “God’s got this!” All the people worshiped God and then took their positions. Singers were appointed to lead the army out in song and worship to the Lord! How very bold of them to trust their God and sing. Confused, the enemy began to slaughter themselves. If God hadn’t rescued them, those singers would be the first to meet their death.

God did rescue His people then and He wants to rescue us today. Can you think of a time when you faced a dilemma and decided to sing and worship, not fret and worry?


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Mary Zatkalik. A wife, a mom of two daughters, a grandmother of two girls, retired and enjoys country living.  My family and friends are important to me, but Jesus is my lifeline.  You can find Mary at her blog: Piles of Smiles or on Twitter.


7 Responses to When Trouble Comes, Sing!

  1. I certainly know what the monsoons in AZ are like! But I so loved reading your story of being in this fabulous restaurant when one happened. That woman sounds amazing! But then I think to my own life and how easy it can be to worry or become overwhelmed when trouble comes. I also remember times when instead of cycling down into those emotions, I chose to trust my God and to praise Him. In the midst of the rain …praise Him. He has never let me down. I can testify to that.

    I loved your post Mary.

    Blessings and love,

  2. We were recently on vacation in Utah, and the rains hit us there like Noah-time! And, we’ve had our share of weather here in the mountains, too. One lightning storm set off a couple of small brushfires. Unsettling!

    Loved this story! I could just picture that restaurant. And I would have loved to have met and heard that young lady sing. I also enjoyed your lesson very much. It convicted me. It seems like I have gotten so used to worrying, that I’ve lost my singing voice. But you’re so right, music has the power to transform.

    So maybe today I’ll be humming instead of fretting. I have a feeling it’s going to help!! 🙂


  3. I taught preschool children for a lot of years. They loved to sing. I remember many of those songs and often sing them now. There is one I sing (in my mind) when I’m in bed at night. Especially if there’s a scary noise. “Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me. Bless your little lambs tonight. Through the darkness be thou near us. Keep us safe ’til morning light”.

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