At times people are not clear about their purpose so they feel as if they are aimlessly living their lives working or serving in areas that leave them feeling empty. They often don’t step out of what’s familiar to step into what is rewarding. Do you feel that way? Can you see yourself in any of these examples:

  • Staying in a position at work where they don’t feel challenged or excited but it pays the bills.
  • Serving in a position at church where they feel unfulfilled.
  • Remaining in a long-term dating relationship that doesn’t appear to be going forward but it keeps them from being alone.
  • Continuing in a friendship that is toxic and one-sided.
  • Engaging in something you were asked or told to do and you’re miserable.

Many of us have done things on a temporary basis that we may not have enjoyed but when you feel forced to stay in it or when you feel stuck in it, that’s when you know that you are not doing what you’ve been purposed to do.  That’s when we may begin to settle.  Yes, settle. I’m convinced that there are many people settling in their personal and professional lives.  Settling makes you unhappy and discontented. It drains joy and energy. It’s also a huge time consumer. Time is very interesting. Once it’s gone you can’t recover it. We should treat it with value and importance.


What pulls at you? That may be your calling. What breaks or excites your heart? That may be your passion. An example would be: If going to the missions field pulls at you then it’s probably because the reality of hurting people breaks your heart, and perhaps it also excites you in some way, to give all that you can to help them.  If helping women to become their best pulls at you (calling), it may be because having a part in seeing them reach their potential and what that means for their lives excites you. Do you see how calling and passion collaborate with one another? 

What pulls at you?  What breaks or excites your heart?  It’s important to know the answers to both of those questions. Our gifts, abilities and experiences are not for us to talk about or to hold them silently within, they are for us to use to fulfill the greater purpose of serving others.  Don’t live a life of settling for second best or for what’s not good for you, when you have everything within you to reach out and grab what’s pulling at your heart.

Take a few moments and answer this for yourself: Are you becoming who you desire to be? Are you doing what you’ve been called to do or are you settling?  If you’d like support in getting unstuck from settling and gain clarity as to what it is you should be doing in your life, don’t delay, reach out to me so that I can work with you on discovering your unique voice, finding your focus and establishing a strategic plan of action to reach your goals! It’s not too late. Contact me HERE.

Excited to work with you! You’ll be so glad you took this step for YOURSELF. You are worth it!

Cheering you on!