What areas of change have you seen in your own personal walk with God this year?

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By Beth Herring

I love how God uses our trials and times of testing to grow us spiritually. I love how He takes the hard times and somehow in His infinite wisdom and power turns them into beautiful lessons of faith and trust.

This past year has been a difficult one at best. July 30th of 2013 marked exactly one year since my sister’s unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. On that same day my family found ourselves patiently waiting for the news that would announce the success of her stem-cell transplant that had taken place 3 months prior. It was a day that started with expectant hope and a day that just as quickly turned to devastation as we learned that the transplant was not a success. It seemed like the 15 months of treatment and procedures prior to that day were a complete waste. My sister’s hopes were trampled in about 30 seconds flat.

My mother and I followed my sister and her husband out of the hospital and began the walk to the parking lot. There wasn’t a sound out of any of us. No one had the heart to say a word. I don’t think any of us even knew what to say. It was an awful, painful, deafening silence. Our hearts were broken.

My soul and my spirit were grieving over the success that didn’t happen. I was grieving over the loss of what I knew deep in my heart was going to take place. God had spoken victory to me over my sister. But in the midst of the painful realization that we were back to square one in this fight against cancer, God spoke loudly and clearly to my spirit.

He reminded me of the scripture that He gave me at the very beginning of this long and hard journey. “But He knoweth the way that I take; when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold” Job 23:10 (KJV). He reminded me that we were still in the purifying process. He reminded me that no matter what, He is still in control. He is still faithful. And most of all He reminded me that I can trust Him.

Here we are two years later from that fateful day of diagnosis. We are still fighting. We are still filled with expectant hope. We are still believing and trusting for a miracle. My sister has made some progress over the past year against this dreaded disease and even though it has been a slow progression, we are thankful for each milestone.

This past year has been a time of tremendous growth in my spiritual walk with the Lord. It has been a time of trials and testing, but at the same time it has been a year of the evidence of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

I’ve learned that when God gives you a Word about something, you have to hang on to it with all your might! When He whispers a promise to you in the quiet intimacy of your time together, you have to grab hold of it and guard it like it is gold. His promises are true.

My precious Lord has taught me to pray with expectancy! When we petition our God for ministering or healing, we need to come before Him fully expecting to receive. I don’t know why we ask for a miracle, but yet we don’t truly believe we will receive one. We need to ask Him knowing that He can and He is able!

“And the prayer of faith shall save the sick…”James 5:15 (KJV).

I’ve learned to fully rely on God because I have absolutely no control over my sister’s illness or over what will take place in her physically. But God showed me that I do have control over being a faithful prayer warrior and that means lifting her up to Him on a daily basis. I do have control over choosing to believe that He has the power to heal her. I do have control over trusting that His way is the best way.

God has shown me that as much as I love my sister, He loves her even more. And because of His great love for her, I can place her in His hands and know that she is safe there. I can know that He is placing her in the cleft of the Rock and covering her with His Hand. When we don’t get the news that we hoped for, I can still trust Him. When it seems like we aren’t getting the answer that we desire, I can still believe Him for His timing in each situation.

It’s hard to let go and let God, but truly that is the only way. There are no better hands for our loved ones to be in than His. I look back over this past year and I see His faithfulness abounding! When times gets hard we yearn to seize control over the situation even though we know we are powerless to do anything. It is during these hard times that God has shown me how imperative it is to relinquish all control to Him. Let the Creator take care of the creation. Let the Almighty God be Lord over the situation. Let the One who is in control take control.

We serve a mighty and powerful God. He is good and He is faithful. We can trust Him and we can know that He is with us every step of our lives. No matter what happens, He is still God. And sometimes we just have to step back, release our grip on things and be still.


DSC_0745Beth Herring has been married to her favorite Pastor for over 29 years. They have 3 grown daughters and 9 amazing grandchildren. She is a seeker of Truth and her greatest joy is in the study of God’s Word. She is part of a women’s ministry team, For REAL Ministries, and loves t the opportunities that God gives her to share the Good News with anyone who will listen. You can follow her at http://aninstrument4hisglory.blogspot.com.




4 Responses to What areas of change have you seen in your own personal walk with God this year?

  1. Beth, thank you for pouring the intimate part of your heart in this season with your sister. I continue to pray for her and for your family.

    You said it best here: “I’ve learned that when God gives you a Word about something, you have to hang on to it with all your might! When He whispers a promise to you in the quiet intimacy of your time together, you have to grab hold of it and guard it like it is gold. His promises are true.”

    Love you and thank you for your transparency and heart!

  2. Thank you for this update, Beth. No doubt there are places where both you and your sister have “gone to” with Jesus during this season – a level of depth and understanding reserved for the suffering soul. I pray God’s continuing peace over all of you as you walk the road ahead. The hands and heart of the Father are a very good place to rest.

  3. Beth:
    It’s been a long while since I’ve caught up with you and heard the update on Cari. I’m so glad to see you here on Lisa’s blog tonight. Your persistent faith doesn’t surprise me at all, but it’s so good to hear you share it. What a long road this has been for Cari, and for all of you. I know you are such a comfort to her. I am blessed by your constant faith Beth, and for the way you are standing on what God has spoken to your heart. A good friend in his ministry message today, sent this little card:

    “Safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of the Lord.” (H.Sala)

    I love that, and I hear you testifying to the truth of it.
    Please give Cari a big Texas hug for me, and one for you too!! 🙂



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