Lisa Shaw - The Whole Woman Radio ShowLate last night the Lord placed a different message on my heart for today:  What are you waiting for? It’s time to soar! There is so often a hold-up in our lives. We don’t follow through to completion that which we’ve been called to do. Or, we fail to start–to begin or we continuously begin again. Then there are some who begin and quit. Living a life that feels incomplete. It’s not that you don’t love God but there is something that is in the way of your taking the next step and goling after the dream, vision–purpose.

Listen in to The Whole Woman today at 11:00 am EST and I will share with you what God has given to me to speak to your heart. What are you waiting for? Ir’s time to soar.  Share the link and bless someone else.  Would love your visit with me at

Blessings and love!