Things That Remain

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Dori Cook

I just got off of the phone with a dear friend whose husband has been without a job for a year. She has been the sole monetary provider for their family. A heavy, heavy burden and my sister is weary.

I think of my other friend who poured her heart out to God on my behalf one morning only to have her husband lose his job that very afternoon. My sister is confused.

I’m praying for my other friend who God brought through a time of joblessness last year only to have this year open with bills that need to be paid and no visible means to do that. Doors shutting at every turn. My sister is worried.

In all of this I’m thankful that God has blessed us as He has. But we live in a corrupt and fallen world; a world that is nothing but unstable ground made of shifting sand. So I am not ignorant. This sister is leaning in closer to Jesus.

I read a prayer this morning that had me ask God to help me prioritize the things that will always remain. God’s Word tell us:

“ Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 HCSB

Faith, Hope and Love…these are the things that will remain all because of Jesus.

“My faith looks up to Thee…”

My eyes deceive me time and time again if I look anywhere else but to my Jesus. But my faith which is fueled by things unseen — things not dependent on my human eyes — tells me that Jesus will still be there. When everything else falls away He remains.

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…”

Everything around me is temporal. My Savior is eternal. Life is but a vapor. He is my Life and the very breath that I breathe. God is my refuge and strength a very present help in time of need. “In Christ alone, my hope is found…”

“The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen could ever tell…”

The world is filled with everything that looks like love’s complete opposite. But God’s love is unfailing and never ending.

“To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry, nor would the scroll contain the whole though stretched from sky to sky.”

I could never describe in human terms His unconditional, merciful love. But I can walk with Jesus and experience it. And because I am a life that He has miraculously changed, I can share it to those around me who are hurting…offering faith, hope and love.

Most Holy LORD, in a world where everything appears to be spinning into perpetual chaos, You are steady and You are strong. You are the Creator and the Ruler of everything in this world. The people that You made have done everything that can be done to mess everything up, but in all these things You are sovereign and You are supreme. You are still in control regardless of economies, rulers, principalities and wars. Jesus, You remain the Truth, the Life and the Way when lesser gods lead down dead-end roads. We will look to no other for our comfort. Take our weariness, confusion and worries and bring rest, clarity and peace. We long for You, Jesus. In a dry and weary land…thank You for being the One who remains!



Cook-AMH-Pic1-e1372401181877Dori Cook. I am the wife of my very best friend, the mother of two amazing kids, a sister, a daughter, a friend — but more importantly, I am a forgiven Child of God saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. I have to say that His Word really is life to me and without Him I am nothing. I think my greatest joy — outside of my wonderful husband and kids — is studying God’s Word and hearing Him speak directly to me and my circumstances. My passion is to tell others that they, too, can be changed by Jesus Christ! I would be so honored if you joined me over at my website at Far Down the Road

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  1. Dori,

    A blessed assurance, a quiet peace, a strengthening to the core that Jesus remains…

    For me, that’s enough! His love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, holiness, beauty, majesty, righteousness, power–everything that is Him–remains. We can lean on, trust in, and cling to Him and I’m thankful.

    Thank you for sharing Dori. I know that your heart-sharing in your personal walk with Jesus will reach people you may never know about this side of Heaven but God knows!

    Love you.

    • I was just thinking this morning that the faithfulness of Christ in my life has been what has sustained me throughout every bit of life that I’ve lived – the good, the bad and the sometimes downright sinful on my part. He is so faithful!!!

  2. Dori, Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes on the one who created everything I love. He is faithful to us no matter how things appear on earth. He will never leave me or forsake me has, been a constant beat of my heart and soul daily. We are being made into the people God intended us to be: ones who are loving, compassionate and ones who reach out in love to sisters who need to know how much they are loved. Yes, HE IS faithful!

  3. So good! I also love to let lines from the old hymns remind me of the love, hope, protection, etc. of our Lord Jesus Christ. One refrain popped into my mind as I read your post today — “Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus…Oh for grace to trust Him more”!
    Thank you for this encouragement!
    Marilyn Harrell

  4. “Faith, Hope and Love…these are the things that will remain all because of Jesus.”
    Such true words Dori. Thank you for these encouraging words today.

  5. Oh Dori, I know how frustrating it can be to pray and not receive the answers we hope for. And yet over the years I’ve learned that so often He has a better plan. At times the answers are not now. It seems that when I look back or read some of my prayer requests in my journal, I can see how the Lord was actively at work even when I didn’t realize it. And He changes us as we pour out our heart to Him. I also find that I cling more closely to Him during times of turmoil and struggle. My goal is to stay close in the good times and the not so good.

    Beautiful post!

    Blessings and love,

    • Thank you, Debbie, for your encouragement! Seeing the thread of God’s faithfulness through every circumstance has made me trust Him and love Him even more!

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