The Whole Woman


1_1Welcome to The Whole Woman! This is your place to be empowered as a woman of faith.  Lisa is passionate about the Lord and therefore has this place for the woman who is not only is interested in her family, personal or professional needs but also her spiritual needs.  As people we are a three-part being: soul, body and spirit. It’s important to give balanced attention to all three.

Grab a cup of something delicious, bring your Bible, and something to take notes and call a friend so you both can listen in to the Podcast Library of The Whole Woman with Lisa Shaw.

Perhaps you need some quiet time with God to really learn how to see yourself through God’s eyes?  If so, listen to the 9 week bible study on Lisa’s book: You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes. You’ll learn the amazing way God really sees you as His child.

Lisa is down-to-earth, serious about God, her family and women supporting women so that their lives can be whole.  When a woman is whole, it branches out to members of her family, her circles of friends, the community around her and the next generation.  Be sure to let us know how we may pray for you.

It’s time to soar!







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