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I invite you to read Tammy’s post for Women Walking with Jesus. A beautiful example of how to love and honor your husband as did her Mother.

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Tammy Rude
(Proverbs 31:30 AMP)
Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, she shall be praised!

Seeing as how in the month of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, I thought I would share a special teaching moment from my mother. She was a woman who both loved and feared God. Everyday around 10:00 am, she would make it a point to set aside time to be with Him and breathe in His Truth.

Although, she was not my birth mother, she was chosen by God to raise me and with little words taught me how to trust in Jesus.

At times during my youth, she did many things that made no sense to me. She always went to the back of the line, so someone else could be first. She never worried about outward beauty, as many of us do, including myself. She would remind me repeatedly (mostly through her actions), it only matters what a person treasures in their heart.

Today, I understand her eagerness to have served others and to make them feel special. Important. I’m sure some of you might know a lady like her; a woman who shows a little bit of Jesus as they walk the path of life.

My mother didn’t ignore the position God had called and had placed her in. She knew by submitting (serving) my Dad, that in turn she was pleasing (serving) her Abba Father. She showed me “her walk” as she loved and honored him, although he was an unbeliever. Loving an unbelieving spouse is difficult at times unless we humble ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit…and that’s just what she did.

It was an evening like any other, as we took our place at the supper table when Dad declared “Where is my spoon?” Without any hesitation, Mom placed her fork beside her plate before pushing back her chair from the table. She then jumped up and walked over to the silverware door retrieving a spoon for Dad. Me, being the outspoken girl that I am, looked at him and blurted out, “Dad, why can’t you get your own spoon? Mom just sat down.”

Immediately, Mom spun around with a look of disapproval on her face and in Dad’s defense, she stated, “Tammy! Your father works everyday to provide for this family, so this is the least I can do for him.” With that, she gently laid the spoon next to Dad while taking her place by his side.

For years, I was a picker and chooser of God’s Word. I would grab only the commands and words that would fit nicely into my life, but not my mother. For her to “submit” under the authority of her husband meant she was submitting to God. She walked with Jesus nearly 50 years, as she willingly loved my Dad…unconditionally.

I learned something important from her on that summer evening. Mom wasn’t really serving Dad, she was serving Jesus. He was the treasure in her heart.


_DR74756-Edit-Edit_low-rezTammy Rude is a wife, mother, and women’s leader who is living a restored, Christ-centered life. Tammy speaks and writes with transparency using lessons learned through her struggles with marriage, motherhood, depression, and ultimately through her victory by God’s redeeming power. She enthusiastically presents practical Bible-centered solutions to the problems every woman and family face. Her tender yet firm style challenges listeners and readers to lay down excuses and confront personal obstacles in the power available to them through Jesus Christ. Connect with Tammy at her blog Not Mine but God’s Story  or on



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  1. Tammy, thanks for sharing what really is a beautiful tribute to your Mother and her love for Jesus and her husband and how she led by example before your dad as a nonbeliever, by showing him Jesus’ love in the day-to-day of their living. That’s biblical.

    In a day and time where submission seems to be such a dirty word; it’s only when we don’t fully understand it on a biblical level and then incorporate it into our marriages.

    Love you!

  2. I loved this! I was reminded how often children (and adults) “get it wrong” when witnessing the random acts of kindness so common to God’s children. I’ve done it myself. How utterly delightful that your mother sought glory in not seeking glory. In the most beautiful, obedient sense ever, she became less even as Jesus became more. I’ve no doubt your father was powerfully impacted, and there’s little doubt about the influence it/she had on you. I’ll never look at a spoon again that I’ll not think about this. Thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness! You would not believe how relevant this is for me TODAY!! I needed to hear these words today to encourage me in the way I should be living. Somedays it is just harder for me to be a submissive wife than other days and today has been one of them!! ha Thanks so much for sharing about your godly Mother!

  4. Marilyn,
    I totally get those days of its my way or the highway. But at least we are aware of it, so that means two steps forward and “only” one step back.

  5. Treasured memory that “preaches” eternally. Oh that I would serve more gratefully and more willingly the King through serving his people.

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