The lessons we learn as Moms pay-off, even the hard ones


There is so much more to being a Mother then giving birth.   A Mother loves unconditionally, nurtures, edifies, leads, guides, prays, nurturers, disciplines, respects and adores her children.  A Mother apologizes for her own actions and forgives that of her children easily. Her love doesn’t keep a record of wrong doing.   She sacrifices without complaint to ensure that her kids are fed, clothed and loved on.  A Mother realizes that her children are gifts from God not her own property.  A Mother understands that it’s a privilege to be called Mother. She is reverential to God and desires to parent her children in a manner that pleases Him and when she fails, she is quick to own her own behavior, words and actions and to ask God to forgive her and to help her in the care of her children.

A mother desires the best for her children; wanting them to reach their fullest potential, to be men and women of character and integrity, making choices that will align with God’s divine purpose for their lives. She knows some of the challenges that her children face in the world — compromise of their values, drugs, sexual immorality, fear, insecurities, gossip, being betrayed, rejected, used and misused.  Mother knows that she cannot keep them from all harm but she also knows the One whom she can pray to for their protection and covering–the Lord God Almighty.

The words and behavior of a Mother directly impacts and shapes the life of her children for decades to come.  Children have long memories; well into their adult years they will remember who loved them and who did not; who kept them safe and who did not; who cheered for them, showed up for them and sacrificed for them, and who did not. Be that mother that makes them feel SAFE.


Someone once said, parenting is not for wimps. I have to agree with that.  It’s a blessing and it’s also a challenge.  It’s a great calling; a high calling and it’s also extremely humbling because you quickly realize that it’s truly not about you being tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, worn-out, drained or frustrated (at times), but indeed it’s about keeping them as priority in your life, taking care of their needs and helping them to learn of God, and to develop into women and men of character.  But Mother also understands that she must take care of herself spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally so that she can be better for herself and her family.  It’s ok to take care of YOU too. 🙂  Mother also realizes that there will be times when her children will make mistakes–make choices that may not align with how they were raised. Mother knows that in those times, tears and fears will come but prayers of faith will stand! She will stand for her children like no one else will! She’ll always hope the best, see the best and pray forth the best for her children even if they (as teens, young adults and adults), may seemingly be on the wrong path but even then, they are really out collecting their additional testimony so that God can use their lives for His glory.

Mother, a name that packs a powerful punch to the kingdom of darkness. Mother, a name that opens up the gates of Heaven as the prayers for her children reach the heart of God. 

I have had the privilege to be Mother for 27 years to one precious daughter and 20 years to the other precious daughter. Between them, there is my Precious who is in Heaven; my baby whom one day I will embrace when my eyes close for the final time.  I have not always hit the mark in my mothering and God knows that I have confessed my need for Him in being a woman, wife, mother and all the other ways He uses my life, but both of my children know that I love them and that I would, without hesitation, jump in front of a speeding train, a bullet, or beat the devil down to save their lives.   They both know that my love is genuine, enduring and patient and that I desire for them all God’s best and that above all, I will always pray for them and encourage them to be all that God has called them to be.  When I am wrong, I am quick to say, I’m sorry.  When they are wrong, I wait for God to touch their hearts, and He does.  He has done some mending between one relationship where that was needed, and has continued to keep strong the other relationship–His heart and hand are seen in the relationships I have with both of our children.  Perfection is not the name of the game, if you will, in Mothering; but humility is!  I am proud to be called Mother for the last 27 years and now, for the last 5 years to be called Grandma. It’s an honor to be called wife for the last 23 years and counting as well.  I love my family and I thank God that He has gifted me with my husband and children.

LisaShaw_youngmom3I asked the question on my facebook, what are two lessons you have learned in mothering children of all ages?   I shared my answers above and below are a few of the answers I received:

I am limited. God is not. ~Alyssa M.S.

Speak your faith to your children – keep telling them the story, even when they roll their eyes or they think they’re too old. Keep speaking your faith. Relax. ~Elaine O.

Alyssa about summed it up! I would add something that is similar 1) My role as a mother is to take care of the possible and trust God for the impossible. 2) I can love, affirm, encourage, pray, listen, teach and care for the physical needs of my child. I CAN NOT convict of sin, create a hunger and thirst after God or convert. These only God can do. ~Sharon B.

(1) No two children can be “mothered” the same way. (2) Lighten up and say “yes” more. ~Dori C.

1. My children have wills of their own and no matter how hard I try they will make choices that will hurt me at some point. However they will also make choices that will thrill me. 2. My children often mirror my life. If I don’t have self-control, they won’t have it. If I don’t have a good work ethic, they won’t either. ~Angela M.

Great words of wisdom from each of these mothers.


What are some of the lessons you have learned in Mothering? Do share.

Blessings upon you and your family!

Lisa Shaw

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  1. These have been tough mothering days for me in the last week. I really needed to read this tonight and remember to take care of myself spiritually. It’s hard when I’m so emotionally/physically drained. Coming here and reading this has fed my soul. Thank you, sister.

    • Yes, Elaine, my friend, we have to take care of ourselves–spirit, soul and body especially as mothers and in my case, also a grandma who is actively involved and present in the lives of my grandchildren; to take care of ourselves and it is hard when life is calling for our living; needs are there to be met but we have to remember, we need the refreshing that comes from the Well of Living Water and to do that–to partake adequately, we must take the time for ourselves to get with God. Feed your soul well my friend in the presence of our Lord. Hugs.

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