Terms and Conditions-PCC

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully.  By submitting payment, you, (client) agree to the Service Agreement you received, and to the Terms and Conditions in order to use the Personal Christian Consulting (PCC) services of Lisa Shaw (consultant) at LisaShawCares.com (website).    


  • You, (client) agree to select and pay for the Plan option of your choice.  You agree to make that purchase at the dollar amount noted on the Service Agreement.
  • You (client) agree to select a payment plan, and to make payments as outlined in each Plan option.   Failure to pay as outlined will result in cancellation of the services.
  • You agree to pay by way of your debit/credit card or money order or check.  All checks should be made payable to Lisa Shaw. No post-dated checks.
  • Returned checks incur a $25 fee. The fee must be paid with the actual payment that was due in order for service to be continued.  Failure to pay may result in termination of services and further action.
  • LisaShawCares.com uses a secure Payment Gateway to process all credit/debit card payments.  Neither Lisa Shaw nor LisaShawCares.com stores any credit card information on file.  This is the Internet (world wide net) therefore there are spammers and hackers which are out of the control of Lisa Shaw or LisaShawCares.com. Therefore we hold no liability for any identify theft or misuse of your information by other sources.
  • We use the verified merchant site of Authorize.net for all purchases. For any questions you may have about their Terms of Services you may visit their site.
  • There are no refunds at any time, for any reason.


  • While the desired outcome is for Lisa Shaw (consultant) and LisaShawCares.com to help you through the PCC services being offered to women as well as to married, remarrying or engaged couples over the age of 21, Lisa Shaw and LisaShawCares.com does not guarantee a favorable outcome for the agreed upon services covered by these Terms and Conditions and the Service Agreement, and can’t be held responsible.  The services are used at the discretion of you (client).
  • Lisa Shaw (consultant) offers PCC services solely to women over the age of 21 or to married (husbands and wives) or couples remarrying or who are engaged.  Lisa Shaw (consultant) does not offer services one-on-one to men.
  • Lisa Shaw and LisShawCares.com and anyone personally affiliated with Lisa Shaw, does not accept any liability, accountability or responsibility for any product or service you, the client uses and its outcome, effect or lack thereof in your life. 
  • You (client) agree to give up the right to file any law suits, complaints or judgments of any kind for the services provided or for any reason against Lisa Shaw, her person, personal items or anyone related to her, or to LisaShawCares.com.
  • You, (the client) understand that Lisa Shaw is not a licensed counselor or licensed therapist. She does not offer medical or clinical advice or instruction.  Services are offered based on the practical application of biblical principles and the years of experience in ministering to the needs of others in helping them to build their lives.


  • You (client) may cancel at any time. Written notification via email or through the contact page at LisaShawCares.com is sufficient for cancelation by client. There are no refunds at any time.  
  • Lisa Shaw (consultant) reserves the right to cancel at any time, for any reason.
  • There are no refunds at any time, for any reason.
  • If the PCC Service was requested for a couple and one spouse decides to cancel their involvement, the Service will end without refund. This is done because the service is only beneficial if both parties will work together. Lisa Shaw (consultant) does not work with men one-on-one; only as a couple (with his wife).

 Understanding Consecutive weeks in the Plan:

  • Each Plan is set-up for 6 or 8 consecutive weeks.  Consecutive means week to week without interruption.  You, (client) agree to this process, as outlined in the Service Agreement.  Lisa Shaw (consultant) and LisaShawCares.com may allow up to two times for the client to miss during their plan period if a situation arises.  Those two times will be added on at the end of your plan; they may not be doubled up in a week. There is only one consulting phone call per week.


  • Lisa Shaw (consultant) and LisaShawCares.com will maintain your confidentiality unless there is some form of abuse or threat of suicide in which case that may be reported and services canceled.  Lisa Shaw (consultant) does not work with these situations through the PCC services offered or through LisaShawCares.com.

Other books, materials and websites:

  • You, (client) agree that any books, materials or websites that Lisa Shaw (consultant) may refer you to must be properly investigated and is used at your own discretion.  Lisa Shaw (consultant) and LisaShawCares.com is not responsible for that content.  

Your agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions: 

Again, you, the client, by payment of and use of the Personal Christian Consulting Services (PCC) and any other materials offered at LisaShawCares.com means that you agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions as stated above and in the Service Agreement. Lisa Shaw reserves the right to make changes, updates and modifications to the Service Agreement and or the Terms and Conditions as necessary and without notice.

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