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Do you have a desire to write your first book and to see it published?

Writing 002

Did you miss it ladies?

Did you really miss it? 😉

Did you miss the Women’s Author Hour I hosted on my online radio program: The Whole Woman with Lisa Shaw?

If you did, that’s OK because listed below are both parts 1 and 2, that include the amazing panel of women authors that freely poured out their gifting and experiences in writing to help other women to realize their writing dreams.  Don’t let your story go untold.  Perhaps you desire to write and publish a book to leave as a part of your family legacy. Perhaps God has given you a ministry to a specific category of women or to the missions field, or to help Christian women in business or ministry and you’ve walked years with Him in those areas and He’s put a desire on your heart to put it in print to bless another woman along her journey.  Again I say, don’t let your story go untold. Here’s a few quick and important tips:

  • Pray and follow God’s leading.
  • Write from your heart not from what others are writing.
  • Be transparent and genuine–be YOU. You don’t have to write like someone else.
  • Find someone to encourage you on the journey. Don’t force the relationship. Let it happen naturally. Not everyone was called to help you to cross your bridge.  Find the right person.
  • Don’t write to be successful.  Write to bless another person. That is the most rewarding and besides, I take significant over successful any day.  I want to be significant to the Kingdom by helping others to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and that my Girlfriends is success!  I’m going to share a video on this subject soon on my YOUTUBE page so stay tuned and I invite you to subscribe to the YouTube page, and to this blog if you’d like so that we can keep connected.

I could say more but I am sure you are eagerly desiring to get to the two panels so grab a cup of something good to drink, and a pad and pen and dig in:

Women’s Author Hour – Part 1

Women’s Author Hour – Part 2

I’m praying for you ladies! Get busy writing! I’m excited for you!

Much blessings and hugs,

Lisa Shaw

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