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Is God disappointed with me? How can I believe He adores me?


Have you ever asked yourself if God adores you? Have you had trouble believing that He adores you? Maybe you think God is disappointed in you.  You’re not alone. We’ve all experienced those thoughts and emotions at some time in our life. I remember my earlier days when I couldn’t even fathom that God would love me the way that He did with the past, the hurts and the wounds that I had. I didn’t feel worthy of His love until He healed my heart of those lies and filled me with His truth!

I have the pleasure of being one of the freelance writers for the Woman to Woman Ministries Magazine.  In my photo above are the Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 editions that I have on my dinning room table as I write.  A soothing, encouraging, challenging read over a delicious hot cup of Hot Chai Tea or coffee if that’s your pleasure.

In the summer edition I shared an article titled: “Do You Believe You Are Adored?”


In the amazingly colorful and beautiful Fall magazine, I had the pleasure of sharing a very personal part of my past with you in the article titled: “Is God disappointed in me?”


If you’ve ever wondered if God really adores you or if you have ever felt God is disappointed in you, then please obtain these magazines from the Woman to Woman Ministries.  There are other writers and amazing articles that are truly designed to encourage you in your day-to-day life as women. Don’t we all need a little extra encouragement?  For more information on the two magazines click on the image below:


 Blessings and peace!

Lisa Shaw

Writing the heart of a women

In case you missed it, the summer issue of Woman to Woman Magazine is out and ready for you to enjoy.   I have the pleasure of being one of the writers for this beautiful magazine. Be sure to visit the link below and grab your issue.  All of the articles are amazing, but the one on friendship gave me tears and a moment of revelation about something I have been praying about. Isn’t that what writing for women is all about?  Whether you write on your blog or social media posts, or for a magazine or a published book, we want to write in a way that captures the heart of a woman while honoring God. That’s what it’s about for me.

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