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How October is important to your next year success


Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s September and nope I didn’t have too much Hot Chai Tea Latte nonfat with an extra pump of chai this morning.  There’s a reason for my happy new year greeting so hang with me please.  We often wait until January 1st to begin to plan what we will do for that year. People begin to think about releasing weight January 1st but don’t have a plan to do it and before you know it, it’s March, June, December and January is here again.  Others say they want to get out of debt in the new year and beginning in January they are going to pay off the bills, but they don’t have an action plan and suddenly it’s June and then end of year and no action was taken toward getting out of debt. There are numerous areas where people have good intentions to start something in January and end up frustrated by December because they didn’t set themselves up to succeed in advance. We’ve all been there right?

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What pulls you? What breaks or excites your heart?

At times people are not clear about their purpose so they feel as if they are aimlessly living their lives working or serving in areas that leave them feeling empty. They often don’t step out of what’s familiar to step into what is rewarding. Do you feel that way? Can you see yourself in any of these examples:

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