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Great leaders who are behind the scenes

Leaders are not just in the board room or in the pulpit, or in some other capacity that places them in front of large bodies of people. There are great leaders behind the scenes. People you’ll never see, whose names you’ll never know. People who pour into others by example helping them to become the best leaders they can be as well.

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It’s time to take the limits off

Take the limits off. That’s what came to my mind as I watched a tiny bird in the tree outside of my office window. I found it interesting to watch him looking straight ahead fixed on an object in front of him and then he’d look around searching the surroundings. I wondered what he was thinking. It appeared that he was studying something in the distance as if he were determining what he was going to do next. Suddenly, he took off and flew high above our cul-de-sac and landed in a taller tree across the street as if he needed a higher level to view his surroundings and make his plans.

Hmm, does that speak to you about your life?

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