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The old country church

I invite you to read our final August Summer Friends Son-Shine post by my friend Shari.


By Shari Miller

My grandmother’s hymnal sits on my piano with its pages tattered and worn. I carefully thumb through the pages and imagine the hymns that were sung so long ago, in another place and another time.

The year was 1940, the church was white with a steeple that tried to reach out and touch heaven’s glory. The men, women, and children filed into the church, men on one side, women on the other. They were tired and worn, from a hard weeks work in the dusty wheat fields of Kansas. Even though times where hard, they had a hope that kept them going, a hope in their precious Savior Jesus Christ. At the top of their lungs they sang the old familiar hymn that rang loud and clear as its melody wafted through the prairie grasses…..

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Do everything in love

I invite you to read Serena’s Summer Son-Shine post.

By Serena Crompton

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34 NIV

“What is one thing you would do if there were no obstacles?” I was asked.

And as the answer came into my heart, I tried to shut it down. It came anyway, in tears dropping silently on the computer keyboard.

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Each Season Will Be Summer

I invite you to read Joan’s Summer Son-Shine post.

By Joan Davis

I love the different seasons of the year. Each one has its own special quality to be enjoyed and appreciated. In the spring, new life bursts forth and nature seems to have endless energy. The flowers spring up, the grass turns green seemingly overnight and the fields and streams are teaming with life. Summer closely follows with long, sunny days that allow endless hours to enjoy the beauty that the earlier season provided. At the end of summer comes the harvest when nature reaps the bounty of the activity of the previous months. Then, the evenings begin to cool, the leaves curl, turn golden brown and fall to the ground, leaving behind what appears to be empty branches. Autumn has arrived. Finally, winter blows its frigid breath across the earth and life seems to be on hold. But, is it really? In the winter, when the earth is frozen and no buds are on the trees, is life gone? We may feel that all is withered and dead, but God is still there, working beneath the snow covered surface to renew life once more.

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