No Fear, by Lisa Shaw

No Fear | Fear will Grip you or GROW you | by Lisa Shaw

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NO FEAR: Fear Will Grip You or GROW You

Fear is an assertive emotion. You can’t be passive in your approach to it. Fear imposes itself into our thoughts, words, behaviors, decisions, and as a result, it will grip you or grow you. While we can’t control the when and the how of fear, we can learn to control our response to it. In this book, Lisa teaches you how to accomplish that.

Through a blended compilation of real-life stories and penetrating questions, this workbook style of writing will engage and challenge you to gain confidence and clarity so that you can learn to become consistent in areas of importance to you. You’ll discover that clarity in chapters such as: Who told you that you can’t? Air the Fear and, What are you prepared to do next? It’s time to invest in your freedom and in your success!

Rave Reviews for Lisa Shaw’s NO FEAR!

“It’s your right to remove yourself from anything that doesn’t improve, enhance, or support your life.” These words from Ms. Lisa’s book spoke to me. It went deep into the core root of my soul.”

~ LaShawn G.

“A special thank you to Pastor Lisa Shaw, after attending your workshop: This year No Fear, it has encouraged me to step outside the box!! As mentioned in her book,”No Fear” Chapter 10, I will reinvent myself!”

~ Jessica Rodriguez

“I was not disappointed. I found so much eye opening information between the pages. The workbook style encourages you to really look within yourself and find what you’re afraid of and confront it. It makes you want to dust off old forgotten dreams and have another go at them. Lisa Shaw speaks to the very heart of the reader and encourages you to not allow fear to grip you but let it be an opportunity for growth.”

~ Bernadine McInTosh