You Are Beautiful In God's Eyes

You are Beautiful in God's Eyes | by Lisa Shaw

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You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes

Due to a painful childhood that spiraled me into a fear-based lifestyle, I struggled for many years to really believe that I was valued and important. I could talk a good game, but the truth was at the end of the day when I laid my head down, I didn’t know my true value. I permitted the world and circumstances to define and often deplete and defeat me. I remember how freeing it was the day I realized that I didn’t need the acceptance or validation of others because I already had it from God.

If you struggle with negative thoughts or knowing your value, this is for you. If not for you, then grab it for another woman or young woman who needs to know that she is not defined by her past or present circumstances, negative thoughts or defeating words. She is indeed beautiful in God’s eyes.


“Lisa I just can’t express enough how awesome God is for leading you to write this wonderful book for women like me that has been tore down by the lies of the evil one, I do want to pass it on but for a little while I just want to keep taking it in like a fresh glass of water on a hot summer day, God Bless, love and prayers always.”

~ Susie R.

“After church today, I finished your book. It’s an extension of Lisa, the words that Jesus has given you to share, and to me, it’s a message of hope. How beautifully you point out the lies of satan, and how he never gets tired, and how we fall for his tricks based on who we were or what we may have been through. The hope in Jesus is for all of us, and His love for us is the source of all the hope that lives within when we are His. In such a precious way you have conveyed this, Lisa. I knew before I read it that it would bless so many… today I am one of them!  I love you, love your heart, love your honesty and love this message!!! It’s what changed our lives, and will always be the hope we know is fresh every morning.” 

~ Sonja G.

“Your book was a catalyst to my healing in knowing God’s love for me”

~ H.M.

“Thank you so much for the book you wrote and your book changed my life. Also, it makes me understand the things that’s going on in my life a little more based on your life’s troubles that you been through.”

~ Carey N.