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No Fear | Fear will Grip you or GROW you | by Lisa Shaw

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NO FEAR: Fear Will Grip You or GROW YOU

Fear is an assertive emotion. You can’t be passive in your approach to it. Fear imposes itself into our thoughts, words, behaviors, decisions, and as a result, it will grip you or grow you. While we can’t control the when and the how of fear, we can learn to control our response to it. In this book, Lisa teaches you how to accomplish that because she came from a fear-based lifestyle. She knows what it means to struggle in making decisions, avoid reaching your goals, limiting yourself and struggling with clarity and confidence. She also knows what results and success looks like in these areas and wants to help you to navigate through those emotions and mindsets.

Check out the chapters:

Chapter 1:  Who told you that you can’t?
Chapter 2:  Fear will Grip you or Grow you
Chapter 3:  Air the Fear
Chapter 4:  What are you hiding behind?
Chapter 5:  You can’t soar with your head down
Chapter 6:  Your Internal and External Dialogue
Chapter 7:  You have the courage to do it
Chapter 8:  There’s a cost to doing nothing
Chapter 9:   Block out the noise
Chapter 10: Permission to reinvent yourself
Chapter 11: Confidence. Clarity. Consistency
Chapter 12: What are you prepared to do next?

Through a combination of personal stories, information and penetrating questions, this workbook style of writing will engage and support you on the topic of Fear so that you can learn to become consistent in areas of importance to you. It’s time to invest in your freedom and in your success! This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate through fear to live the life God purposed for them.

You are Beautiful in God's Eyes | by Lisa Shaw

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You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes

Due to a painful childhood that spiraled me into a fear-based lifestyle, I struggled for many years to really believe that I was valued and important. I could talk a good game, but the truth was at the end of the day when I laid my head down, I didn’t know my true value. I permitted the world and circumstances to define and often deplete and defeat me. I remember how freeing it was the day I realized that I didn’t need the acceptance or validation of others because I already had it from God.

If you struggle with negative thoughts or knowing your value, this is for you. If not for you, then grab it for another woman or young woman who needs to know that she is not defined by her past or present circumstances, negative thoughts or defeating words. She is indeed beautiful in God’s eyes.