Are you a non-profit organization that’s having difficulty attracting or retaining motivated staff? Perhaps you have the staff but you would like to empower and motivate them more as a team. Would you like to be more effective at helping your staff to better understand and embrace the Vision and Mission of your organization? I’d like to help you in these sometimes challenging areas of growing or further developing your non-profit and helping you to retain quality and committed volunteer or paid staff.

Having been a volunteer and serving on the board of directors of a non-profit and later being the founder and president of her own non-profit, I understand some of the challenges with building your organization through a cohesive team. I come with years of non-profit experience and through Personal Development Coaching and Professional Consulting she would love to consult with your non-profit in the areas of:

  • Cohesive Team Building
  • Empowered thinking
  • Helping staff become advocates for your organization
  • Helping team members to understand their value and role in the organization
  • Realizing the dream together!

Lisa is also available to for-profit organizations, public and private schools, colleges, universities and more. She believes the quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Lisa Shaw cares about you, your team and the success of your staff and organization.

Lisa looks forward to hearing from you to review how she can help your company or organization.  For a no obligation consultation please use the Contact Form. Thank you.

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