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I would love to share my heart for God with you at your next event. Listed below are just a few of the many faith-based messages I share.  I would be happy to customize a message just for your event needs.

Are you interested in hosting a Group Coaching session for the married couples or leaders and emerging leaders in your church or ministry? Team building is one of Lisa’s passions as is building marriages. Please use the Contact Form.


Is Fear Gripping You or Growing You?

No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You.

No Fear by Lisa Shaw

This book is really written for everyone regardless of our backgrounds, etc because fear affects us all. Fear is an assertive emotion.  You can’t be passive in your approach to it. Fear imposes itself into our thoughts, words, behaviors, decisions and as a result, it will grip you or grow you.  While we can’t control the when and the how of fear, we can learn to control our response to it. In this book, Lisa teaches you how to accomplish that.

Lisa uses a powerful power-point to guide and to coach people in a way that they can navigate through fear and come out with the end results being in their favor! She believes that God truly has “not given us a spirit of fear” and that we must be “strong and courageous”.

This would be a fantastic small to large workshop or small group coaching session. You’ll dive into chapters such as What Are You Hiding Behind? Who Told You That You Can’t? Confidence. Clarity. Consistency. Your Internal and External Dialogue, You can’t Soar with Your Head Down and much more. Are you interested? Please contact us to set it up.


How can I move beyond where I am?

Have you ever had your tire stuck in a ditch and you’re pressing the accelerator and feeling the wheels spinning but you’re not moving forward? Have you watched a hamster on the wheel in the pet store running almost to exhaustion but getting nowhere fast? It’s called being stuck. We’ve all been there and at times we need help with moving from where we are to where we need to be.

Lisa examines some of the areas that cause us to be stuck such as fear and lack of confidence. You can move beyond where you are and Lisa will help to show you how. She’s had personal experience from living through a painful past of fear and feelings of unworthiness.



Who or what is defining you?

Often women live trapped in past pain, negative words and defeatist view-points never living to the level of the beautiful, valuable, powerful, resourceful, talented and influential women that God purposed them to be. Lisa uses her book: You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes to empower women to examine who or what is defining their lives.

Coaching Your Marriage to Contentment

The Wedding was wonderful but now real life begins. Often people plan, prepare and pay lots of money to have a beautiful and elaborate wedding but they spend very little time and investment on the success of their marriage. Lisa brings 25 years of marriage experience to the table, along with a desire to see couples meet the number one challenge that affects every area of their marriage. Communication.


Ladies Singles Seminar

Prior to the last 25 years of marriage Lisa was a single woman and a single Mom. She understands the challenges that single women face. This message covers an array of topics such as the 5 F’s that every woman needs to consider when entering a dating relationship or becoming engaged. This message in full length is a 3 hour seminar but can be condensed to meet the needs of your event.

Is your mind and mouth in agreement? Thoughts and words shape your life.

What you think and what you say have lasting effects on your life. We often are our harshest critics as women and it begins in our minds and then spills out of our mouths. Lisa teaches women how to align their thoughts and words to have the life-changing impact they desire. It is not God’s will that we be perfect, but He does will that we be whole and it begins with our mind and mouth.


Women Affirming Women

Do you know what it looks like when we come together as women sharing our stories, supporting each other with a listening ear, compassionate hearts and words of wisdom? In a word: Empowerment. Married, single, divorced and widowed; all cultures, backgrounds, ages and stages of life; we must work together to affirm each other.

Through biblical example Lisa teaches women the power of overcoming competitiveness and comparisons and how to celebrate the unique parts of ourselves that we bring to the table as women. Women affirming women positively affects us individually, as well as our homes, businesses, ministries, and relationships.

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