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Making a decision about whether or not coaching will benefit you?

May I ask you four questions before you proceed to read the services that I provide to support you?

  1. Who is waiting for you to make a difference in their life?
  2. A year from now, what step will you wish you had taken today?
  3. What are you willing to do differently… even if it means temporarily or permanently making a change that will benefit you?
  4. Are you ready to make an impact in the areas of importance to you?

“Opportunities that come to you are so you can also make someone else’s life better.”
~ Lisa Shaw

1:1 Customized Coaching

This is 1:1 coaching that is tailored to your specific need. Sessions are available twice per month for 60 or 90 minutes depending on your needs. I highly recommend this if you have a need that is not covered in one of the packages below.

Coaching Packages

Emerge the Leader within You

A combination of coaching, teaching and mentoring on the subject of Leadership. It is designed for women who are stepping into the call of leadership in ministry, business, education and other areas of focus or for women who are currently leaders and who want to further hone their skills so that they continue to be effective in serving others. The package is tailored to your specific needs.

Coaching Frequency: Twice per month for 3 months

Breaking New Ground – MOST POPULAR

This is my most popular 1:1 coaching package for women and many have seen great success.  Want to increase confidence, gain insight, move from the start position or reinvent yourself? Tired of self-sabotage? Starting your dreams over? Ready to eradicate negative self-talk? Ready to discover the life you envision? Often people jump into ventures without working on some core areas like navigating through fears and insecurities, establishing a prayer strategy, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, discovering your unique voice and gaining foundational information needed to be successful in your pursuits.  Personal Development directly impacts anything you desire to do so don’t neglect YOU.

Coaching Frequency: Twice per month for 3 months.

The Life Envisioned Strategy

This is a great coaching package for women who both enjoy a bit of creativity as well as working-sessions via Power-Point coaching. In this package, I will coach you through creating, developing and beginning to implement the strategy to live the life you envision. You’ll develop the vision (specific goals), make it plain (relevant-strategy) and run with it (attainable progress) successfully into your present and future.

Coaching Frequency: Twice per month for 4 months.

90 Minute Drill Down Boot-Camp Coaching

This is for the person who is READY to move forward now. This is a laser-focused 90 minute session. I’ll coach you through challenging, transformational, exploratory and expansive coaching questions that will help you to dig deep and gain clarity on the area of importance to you. Are you ready? Then this is for you!

One 90-Minute Session.

Group Coaching

This is great for groups of 6 to 12. This allows for the personal touch of 1:1 within group coaching. These sessions are customized to fit your group or team’s specific needs and that includes time allotted, event type and materials to cover.

For larger groups with no limitation in size, please visit Consultation/Leadership Training or Speaking. Coaching is incorporated in each of those.

Certified Coaching | One on One | Customized | Lisa Shaw
Certified Coaching | Leadership | Learn how to Lead
Certified Coaching | Life Envisioned Strategy with Lisa Shaw
Certified Coaching | One Session | Boot Camp with Lisa Shaw
Certified Coaching | Group Coaching with Lisa Shaw

Serious about receiving professional, transformational coaching by a coach who cares about you, prays for you and wants all God’s best for you? Please contact me and let’s discuss how I may work with you to help you to facilitate toward the end result you desire personally, professionally or both. I’d be honored to do so!