My Services

I am here to serve you:

Certified Coaching

Personal, Professional & Group Coaching. Ready to see what you’ve been dreaming about become a reality personally or professionally? Then let’s begin.

Consulting & Leadership Training

Professional Consulting Services for businesses, churches and ministries; including assessment, training and plans for success!


Lisa is a seasoned speaker in both ministry and business and will engage, encourage and empower your audience, every time!

Live Event Hosting

Workshops, intimate gatherings, live events and webinars for women who are ready to reach for the next phase of their personal and professional development. This is for women who are ready to soar!

Women Building the Envisioned Life Together

Go-getting women of all ages, stages and seasons of life supporting one another in personal, spiritual and professional growth.

I am here to serve you | Lisa Shaw | Certified Coaching
I am here to serve you | Lisa Shaw | Consulting & Leadership Training | Speaking