Say Yes Forreal

I invite you to read DeLonda’s very real message that will bring both conviction and strength to us all.

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy DeLonda Adams

Are you willing to give it all up and obey the Lord no matter how much work you have put into it?

These were the words I heard from the radio station that pierced me.  You know those times you hear something profound and you take a swift left turn and think that it is for everyone else besides you?

Yip! That was me!  Nevertheless, those words stuck to me like white on rice.  I did not realize what the Lord was doing in the background.  The ministry that God had birthed was beginning to seem far off in the distance.  I even remember telling a ministry partner back in 2011 over the phone while washing dishes, “You know for some reason I cannot see ministry past 3 years.”

We left it like that.  Towards the end of last year I wrestled with so many things.  I thought I was losing my mind for sure.  The things that the Lord was showing me was so much different from what I thought He was showing me before.  Fear began to sink in and of course I began to let it take its course and I started to allow my inadequacies and what people thought to flood my mind and heart and soon I begin to speak death to what the Lord was showing me.

When the new year had come I felt an even bigger shift and while I was in my morning prayer in early January the Lord told me clearly to let go of the ministry and do this new thing He was calling me to and help my husband more in the church plant.

But Lord, what if?

But Lord, how can I?

But Lord, there is so much work I have put into this!

Then the Lord being the good Father that He is reminds me that I would always say this is the Lords (you know how we do).  But is it really the Lord’s or is it just something you say to make you feel good and seem like a good Christian?

Are you really willing to give it all up and obey the Lord no matter how much work you have put into it?

Those words burned so bad.  I was hurt.  I was confused.  My hands were clutched tight.  Wow I really have a problem with letting go.  We all have this problem at times.  There was no need to feel confused or be hurt.  Just go and obey the Lord!

Often the path that we see is a smooth and peaceful ride without a lot of bumps along the way.  Or what we see is so much more glorious than what the Lord shows us (smile).  Do we want His will?  Do we really?  Yes many can say YES LORD! YES TO YOUR WILL and YES TO YOUR WAY!  But when He shows you something off the radar from what you expected then saying yes is not as easy.

May I just say this?  I just have to but Jesus is not playing with us.  We are either going to be women that obey the Lord or we will miss our season.  Is the Lord telling you to let go of something that you have labored, cried, prayed for and carried like a baby?  Is the Father telling you your season is in the next set of things He is given you but you are too busy agonizing over what was?

Please go with Jesus!  The Lords plans are better and you need to go where His grace covers you.  You do not want to be in a place where He has told you to let go and then it becomes you doing it in your own strength.  Go where the grace of the Lord is to your next season.  Trust Him He will not leave you nor forsake you woman of God.  I leave you with this verse to give you peace about your next step in moving into your new season bearing much fruit for His kingdom…

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”—Joshua 1:9 (NKJV)

Only By His Grace

Proverbs-31-Woman-100DeLonda Adams. I am a southern girl at heart and I love me some JESUS!  The Lord has brought me through so much and the only reasonable thing to do is serve Him with all I have in me.  I am not about fancy words and I enjoy reaching women in an authentic way.  What exactly is it that I do?  I encourage, exhort, and help women to keep moving forward towards their destiny, to stand in their faith, and keep order when chaos disrupts.  I am serious about God, advancing His kingdom, and doing it with excellence.  Seeing women honor the Lord with their unique gifts brings me great joy.  Next to Jesus I love spending time with my husband and 2 busy kids.  We have a blast together.  I pray that God continues to allow us to be a blessing to the people we serve for His glory alone.  You can reach DeLonda at Women Resting in God’s Grace

14 Responses to Say Yes Forreal

  1. “Are you really willing to give it all up and obey the Lord no matter how much work you have put into it?”

    Powerful question and worth the examination of our hearts DeLonda! I often say, loving, living for and serving God comes with a cost but the reward is great! I’m a witness to that. He said, “obedience is better than sacrifice”

    Holy Spirit, please help us to walk it out in a manner that is pleasing to God!

    Blessings and hugs!

    • Yes Lisa you are definitely right it comes with a cost and we must examine if we are willing to count it. The rewards are far better than sitting and waddling in fear and disobedience. Thanks so much for allowing me to share you are fantastic!

  2. “Go where the grace of the Lord is to your next season. Trust Him He will not leave you nor forsake you woman of God.”

    DeLonda, your words ministered to me today. I’ve walked the path where God has asked me to give up something that I was really passionate about after ten years. It hurt but I did although sometimes I still question him as to why. Thanks for these words of wisdom today.

  3. Ooh Bernadine I am grateful for your words. I am so happy that the post was able to minister to you. I see that we have something in common we love to laugh! Love your blog Woman of God! Blessings to ya!

  4. We need more voices like yours among today’s believing women. Your exhortation to obey is as timely as sunrise, and every bit as life-giving! It’s hard for the world to take us hostage when our Father’s love & purposes (and word) grip us tightly.


    • Kathleen I love the name sassygranny!!! As much I want to say you are welcome I want to say thank you for blessing me this morning with these words of encouragement. Your comment really lifted me up today and it was very on spot. So you are welcome but even more THANK YOU!!!

  5. Thank you for being obedient in sharing the Word God had for you to us. It has helped me and confirmed His Word to me in this season of transition in my life. Thank you, Veronica

    • Veronica, I am smiling from ear to ear! Bless God, bless God. It is so good to know that it has helped someone else. I pray that you are able to walk in your new season with boldness and with the authority the Lord has given you. Do not back down and everyday just do the little things He is asking you even if it does not look like much. Oh my eyes are teary for all the new things He will do in your life. God is going to make a way for you even in the wilderness and the desert. I am cheering for you Woman of God! Go forth!

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