What I Envision for My Clients


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share what I envision for my clients. I realize you have your pick of where you could spend your time. I don’t take it lightly that you’ve decided to visit with me here at LisaShawCares.

Whether I am serving one woman or a team of women, I want each one to feel welcomed, loved, valued, and appreciated. I want her to have an experience that fuels her forward. She’ll break new ground in her life, drill down on what she’s presently doing, reinvent herself at any age or state of life, or break through in a specific area. I want her to know that God has purposed a good life for her and I have the honor to work with her as she answers the call to fully live the life she envisions.

She will gain insight and be inspired on to action to reach her goals with tangible tools. My approach is: You Can Do This! She will be encouraged, equipped and empowered to emerge into the person she has been called to be and to do what she has been called to do. I remember the day I read the quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Lisa Shaw Cares.

I love working with women who are go-getters. Women who have made up their mind that they are ready to learn how to navigate through obstacles and realize their fullest potential. I believe when we do then we are able to reach back and grab the hand of another woman and help her to reach her fullest potential. Our life experiences and achievements are never just about us but to help others.

To do this, every woman needs a great team. There are several people who need to be on that team. Two in particular are a powerful coach and a great cheerleader. A powerful coach will draw out from you what’s already within you so that you will discover the answer that is best for you. A great cheerleader will remind you of what’s in you and that you can reach your goals even in the face of distractions and obstacles. That’s what I offer to my clients on their journey toward their view of success. At the end of our experience together, it’s always my goal that my clients are taking bold leaps even if they have to do it courageously-afraid. I want them to realize they are unapologetically unique and that there’s no need for comparisons and competitiveness. God has provided enough space for all of us in this amazing thing we do called LIFE.

I am still a Rocky girl. Just put the theme song on and pass me my boxing gloves. Rocky had a few things that made him successful. Three of them were faith in God, a coach that believed in him and a drive within himself that wouldn’t quit. My clients have a drive within them that won’t quit, a faith in God that is unshakeable and Coach Lisa who believes in them and will assist them in reaching their goals so that they can #LoveWhatTheyDo and #LoveWhoTheyDoItFor. My client -SHE soars!

I envision great things for YOU too so are you ready? Please sign-up for my Newsletter and contact me so that we can begin working on what’s important to you. Be sure to visit what others are saying who I’ve had the pleasure to serve and support. Thank you.