What some of my clients have to say...


“I came to Lisa really struggling with work. I felt like I was losing eight hours each day doing a job I wasn’t passionate about. What I was passionate about, I felt I had little time. Lisa helped me change my perspective. She showed me that my day job actually helped provide the necessary tools I needed to be able to do what I was passionate about. If I didn’t have the day job, I wouldn’t be able to afford to do ministry in the evenings. This was HUGE! I hadn’t looked at my day job through that lens before. When I applied the principles she gave me, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Lisa helped me walk through my schedule, seeing that I had more time for ministry than I realized and this allowed me to plan and prepare more purposefully. With Lisa’s help, I was able to reprioritize the things I felt were important. Thanks to Lisa, I am doing much better and being more productive both at work and at home.”

Jeanette Duby

“I give this endorsement very easily because Lisa spent over an hour in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby listening to my confusion about a concept I have for a business. She was so easy to talk to on the check-out line and the conversation continued at my car where she coached me into clarity. It was so good I had to take notes on my iPhone. I’ve never used coaching and didn’t realize that’s what she was doing until she told me about her business. I love that she didn’t impose her business at the start. She cared about my concerns. I will be investing in her continued services. I went home, checked her website and emailed this endorsement to her because she helped me to accomplish in just over an hour what I’ve been mulling over for over a year.”

Diane J.


“It’s a HUGE blessing to be able to accomplish my goals through your coaching & getting unstuck on things that were holding me back from moving forward. Thank you!”

Aida Santiago

“I would like to share my review of this past Saturday’s workshop, ‘This Year No Fear – Get Unstuck, Out of The Rut, It’s Time to Soar!’ in Orlando. I was built up on a personal level and as a businesswoman to keep stretching and challenging myself this year. I made friends who are likewise entrepreneurs and we are not only dreaming but, like Lisa coaches us, we’re “doing what we need to do, for as long as we need to, to get to our success”! I haven’t stopped working on my business plan since Saturday with Lisa’s strategies and I recommend wholeheartedly http://lisashawcares.com/ for your coaching/business or personal development.”

Ivonne Gonzalez

Owner, The Turn Dance Studio

“I met Lisa as a result of a divine appointment several years ago. Ever since then, she has been a PRICELESS addition to my life. She’s mentored me in key areas of my life, softly (yet firmly) encouraging my growth. Recently, she has become my Coach as well and oooh, what a blessing those sessions have been to my life!!! This eagle is coming out of its shell and slowly but surely SOARing to a limitless sky!!! Lisa is the REAL thing – what you see is what you get. Everyone needs to have a “Lisa” in their lives. Forever grateful!”

Isa Suarez

“Lisa has helped me to move from being afraid to move to being afraid not to move. I’m glad that she is serious about helping you to reach your goals. She definitely knows how to help you to get clarity. I have been stagnant for longer then I realized in my personal life on many levels and Lisa helped me to get to the root of the problem. She will help you find the tools that are customized just for you and your current situation. Get in touch with her and as she says, make the investment in yourself because it’s worth it. She’s right. Thank you Lisa.”

Maria Rose Garcia

“Reading Lisa’s endorsements is what caused me to pursue a conversation with her to determine if I wanted to use her services. Now, ironically, I am providing her with a much earned endorsement of my own. I hope she never changes the name of her business because Lisa Shaw does care. I am a small business owner and a coach myself but when I came to Lisa it was about my personal self. Something was missing. Something seemed off. It was admittedly difficult to ask for help when I am accustom to providing the help which is why I appreciate her level of confidentiality. However, coaches need to be coached. Leaders need to be led. I found both in Lisa. She knows how to coach and lead you to your best self. I can be stubborn but through her coaching techniques, passion to see me reach my goals, and her experience, I am living quite differently now. I recommend her services because she not only cares about people, she’s great at what she does.”

Tabitha J.

“Lisa Shaw has truly been a blessing to my life. Her sessions display the real heart that she has for the women she pours into. She knows how to ask the right questions and her attentiveness and sensitivity to my situation has been a tremendous help in getting me to a place of clarity. I highly recommend her coaching/mentor services as you will not be disappointed!!”

Veronica S.

“A special thank you to Pastor Lisa Shaw, after attending your workshop ” This year No Fear” it has encouraged me to step outside the box!! As mentioned in her book,”No Fear” Chapter 10, I will reinvent myself!”

Jessica Rodriguez

“My wife and I received valuable coaching from Lisa Shaw during a crucial time in our lives.  The coaching was invaluable as it taught us how to communicate better and rekindled a spark in our marriage. Truly without her coaching my marriage would have been over. ”

Carl S.

“Before the official title of coach, Lisa was already coaching me and many other women for years. She has great insight and a caring heart. She knows how to ask the right question to make you swim rather than drown. She brings business savvy experience, a teacher-mentor-coach heart and a love for God to the table. Whether you are spiritual or not, you will want to work with her. She doesn’t look at anything other than helping you to see your life in the best possible way and to take a course of action that will give you great results. She is serious about her faith and her care of people and it shows in her coaching. Jump in and let her coach you, you won’t regret it. She will help you.”

Stephanie R.

“I had the pleasure of having Lisa Shaw speak at one of my Women’s Conferences and her style of teaching was a breath of fresh air. She was funny, her smile is contagious and her love for women was so genuine. The women loved her authentic, direct and honest approach. She was simply amazing and we will definitely have her back again.”

Carmen Mihelic

Cover GIRLS Ministries Inc.

“Lisa Shaw is incredibly gifted! I had the pleasure of having her come speak at our black history month celebration on our college campus and she blew us all away. She inspired our students with a message of history, diversity, culture, and unity. She spoke to our hearts through God’s word and her excellent presentation skills. She was a joy to work with. Her vision for the church is so encouraging and challenging. I highly recommend her for any venue!”

Seth McManus

Student Body President, Johnson University Florida

“I was stuck! But just in our first coaching session she tapped into places of my life that I didn’t even know was keeping me from moving forward. This is more then a business, it’s a passion of hers.”

Tammy Rude

“I have had the pleasure of following Lisa on social media for a number of years. She’s been my coach without my asking. I view her in many capacities. She is a leader, a teacher, a mentor, a spiritual adviser, and yes a coach. It is wonderful to walk away from my iPad feeling that I have gained in so many capacities from being under her leadership. You will be empowered for sure if you connect with her.”

Verna, Michigan

“Our marriage coaching classes were intensive and informative. Lisa showed us how to better understand each other and communicate in ways we never have before. Lisa’s wisdom and wealth of knowledge is just what we needed to help get our marriage back on track. She knows how to ask the right questions to make you think. This was truly a blessing for us both.”


“Lisa was the keynote speaker at our women’s leadership event. She constructs and delivers her message where you laugh, think, and desire to take action. Her passion to see women thrive is very evident. I would describe her as professional, informative, easy to understand and down-to-earth. It was not overlooked that she greeted every woman with a hug and a smile and she remained beyond her scheduled speaking time to continue to support the women at no additional charge. That did not go unnoticed by our team. Thank you Lisa so very much. You are a treasure.”

Mary B. Gilbert

Abundant Life Women Leaders

“OMG Lisa! I wasn’t very sure of this coaching thing but this experience has been so helpful. The clarity I have gained can’t be measured. I find myself using the tools I’ve learned in our sessions at work and at home with my family. It is so hard as a leader to open up and admit to being stuck. You made it comfortable for me. Thank you again Lisa, you really do care.”


“I have felt stuck for close to two years trying to reconcile my frustrations with not moving the needle on my business from where it started two years ago. I hesitated, as you know, in signing up for coaching but you made me feel so comfortable. Lately everyone says they’re a coach but you just don’t know who to trust. In just one month Lisa, my thinking is changing and I’m seeing things clearly. Your in-depth questions and guidance have helped me to accomplish two significant goals with moving my business forward in this short time frame and I’m forever grateful! I thank God for that day you drove up to the teller window and I thank you for helping me to get moving again with what I am most passionate about.”

Krista Reynolds

“Lisa has been a friend and spiritual mentor for many years, but our relationship only took on this coaching dynamic in 2016. I have been in business for several years now and had become “stuck” as to how to move forward and into the level on which I felt God was calling me in this season. The time we have spent together has been invaluable for me, and I am happy to say that I now have more ideas and energy than I have ever had! Through my coaching sessions with Lisa, I learned about procrastination and the fear that it sometimes masks, I have found tools to help me in gaining clarity as well as marketing my business, and I have developed a prayer strategy to help me become more effective in managing business affairs. I have no doubt that this will be an unprecedented year of quality production and (dare I say it!) record revenues for me as I continue to learn more about becoming “unstuck” in what the Lord has called me to do.”

Belinda, TX

“I have only known Lisa Shaw for a few months but I’ve been very impressed with her professionalism and her abilities. She is razor sharp in helping you to get clear about your direction. She is very inspiring and motivating. While my beliefs are not the same as hers, I respect and I am moved by her unwavering passion for her faith and compassion toward seeing women be their best selves. In a short time, I’ve learned from her. I am determined and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now because of her help. Thank you very much Lisa.”


“Lisa has had a tremendous positive impact in moving me forward to goals that had been stagnant for several years. She has a way of asking questions causing you to dig deep and look past your fear to accomplish the purpose God has set before you. She will inspire you to step out of your fear into the future that God has planned for you!”


“I really was please with the sessions I did with you and have been sharing with some of my family and friends. I will definitely continue to do so. I really do appreciate your particular brand of coaching. I think there was a lot of things I needed to simply talk out and you gave the me freedom to do that in our sessions. Should I need coaching in the future you will definitely be the person that I call.”

Bernadine M.