About Lisa

Lisa Shaw | Personal and Executive Coaching | LisaShawCares, LLC

What’s the first thing you do when you enter a dark room?

Turn on the light. Why? Because you can’t see in the dark. When we turn on the light the entire room is illuminated. We can clearly see what’s in front of us.  If you ask me what is my passion I’d say, helping women to see what’s clearly in front of them and then equipping them to go after it and live the life they envision. That’s what drives me when I rise in the morning and when I go to bed at night. It’s more than what I do, it’s my purpose and I love it.

As a certified personal and executive coach, leadership trainer, speaker and author with a full and rich background in ministry, corporate, business, and leadership, I am passionate about helping women who are go-getters. Women who are ready to see the whole vision and run with it personally and professionally even if they have to do it courageously-afraid.  Amazing is the word that comes to mind when I think of the abilities and uniqueness of women and all that they have to offer to themselves, each other, their families, ministries, businesses and LIFE.

Why LisaShawCares, LLC?

There are many good businesses that serve the needs of women, but I remember searching for a place where my personal needs as well as my professional, ministerial and relationship-building needs could be further enhanced and developed with a Christian foundation. I remember the day God made it clear that your vocation (calling) and occupation (livelihood) would be one. That’s when what I did in ministry and separately in business, became one. And I gladly serve ALL people.

I have a sign on the wall in my office that says something so simple yet so profound. It was given to me in 2009 by a woman I had met at a Bloggers Retreat where I was one of the Speakers. The plaque says: “Enjoy What You Do.” It agrees with what has always been the primary areas of focus for me in my life and in helping women: #LoveWhatYouDo and #LoveWhoYouDoItFor.  I do both, and I help women to do the same.

I have years of leadership and other program certificates, and hands-on-experience in ministry and business. I authored two books: No Fear: Fear will Grip You or Grow You and You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes. I am certified through The CaPP Institute for Personal and Executive Coaching. In addition to my corporate background, previously I founded and was president of a non-profit organization for women, ran a coaching business for women and married couples, and managed a Christian Retail Store with my husband. I have an Associates of Theology with Honors from Slidell Seminary. As a woman who loves God, a wife of 27 years to an amazing man,  a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, fur-mama, a business-ministry owner, and servant-leader, I am so thankful to embrace this journey called LIFE realizing that I and you, are a work-in-progress. That work is not about perfection. It’s about purpose.

I would love to support you or your team in reaching your goals. Please visit What I Envision For My Clients. I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you!