Prayer was never met to be legalistic, religious or difficult. People made it that way, not God. Listen in…


This week on The Whole Woman online radio program with Lisa Shaw, we dive into Part 2 of our series: Practical Teaching on Prayer. Grab your Bibles, pen, pads, coffee/Hot Chai Tea or bottled water and join Pastor Lisa as she teaches on the practical aspects of prayer.  If you missed Part 1: The Introduction to Practical Teaching on Prayer, you’ll want to listen to that Podcast on her website at Click the link above. In part 1 she advises what this series will cover–some of the questions, myths about prayer, etc. and she gave a Growth Assignment at the end of the broadcast that you don’t wan to miss.  Whether you are a new believer, mature believer or somewhere in between, this series is for you.


Let me leave you with this: prayer is about relationship with the God-Head not about religiousness, legalism or obligation but rather out of humility, reverential awe and the understanding of the privilege and power of prayer afforded to us to communicate with Him through Jesus Christ.

Growth Assignments:
1. Who in your private life has been a good model of prayer for you? What have you noted in their relationship with God that you can attribute to their prayer life?

2. Find 3 examples of men or women who prayed in the Word (not Jesus since we covered Him in this Podcast), study their lives and their prayers. What was the interaction between them and God? What types of prayers did they pray? What can you glean from their prayer interaction with God to help you in your own prayer life.

3. Challenge you to spend more time in prayer today through next Thursday. Don’t focus on the words you use or how you sound, just open your heart deeper to Him.

Please share the link weekly with others and help them to be empowered in prayer as well.

God bless!