In part 1 of 7 Tips to Manage Your Time I shared 4 of the 7 tips. If you missed it click HERE and read first. The tips that I shared were:

1.  Stop hitting the snooze button
2.  Set up your day, the day before
3.  Turn off Facebook Notifications
4.  Remove yourself from Social Media, Blogs, and Newsletter subscriptions that aren’t beneficial to you
Yes, I know these are not easy to do but when you do them as needed you really will see your time better managed. Isn’t that what we all want?  Since we’re going to be busy throughout the day, why not be busy and productive rather than busy with time-wasters.

Today, I’d like to share the remaining tips with you — #’s 5, 6 and 7:

5.  Set Boundaries:

So you’ve read books on boundaries, perhaps listened to messages on boundaries, you may have been coached on boundaries but you still can’t seem to set healthy boundaries for yourself. I think it’s because we often view boundaries out of context. We view them as restrictive, negative and confining as opposed to viewing them as freeing, stabilizing and healthy. Boundaries permit us to live better lives in our thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, spiritual life, finances, the people we connect to, and what we give our time and attention to.  It’s all about perspective.

In 2007 I gave up eating ice cream. I grew up on ice-cream. It was my FAVORITE comfort food. Happy, sad, bored, tired, restless or content, I ate ice cream. Not having a healthy boundary for the consumption of ice cream caused me to gain weight until 2007 when I realized I had to SET and then implement a boundary. I knew that attempting to cut back wouldn’t work because I had done that so many times in prior years so I just let it go. That was the boundary I set for myself — I gave it up entirely and I never looked back!

How does this relate to managing your time? Good question! There will be some things in your life that you can set a limit on and other things you’ll need to let go entirely. Only you can make that determination. Do what’s healthy for YOU.

A number of years ago I had to set a limit on how much time I gave to the amazing ministry-business work that I get to do.  I realized that my life priorities had changed and so did my schedule. I adjusted accordingly to meet my personal needs, and that of my grandchildren who relocated at that time to our area. It was important to us to have more in-person contact with them. I set boundaries that would work for family and the needs of my ministry-business.  Setting healthy boundaries is a blessings not a curse. Remember, it’s all about perspective.

What areas of your life frustrate you the most — eats loads of your time or seems out of balance? Don’t be afraid to set some healthy boundaries. Then, don’t forget to unapologetically implement the boundaries that you set for yourself. Ask for help when you need it. It will help you to be a better person and to achieve more of your goals.

6.  Beware of mindless-filler:

Scrolling your news-feed for three hours. Scrolling through email for over an hour reading emails that have nothing to do with your goals. Staring at your flat screen TV for four hours as you change channels repeatedly.  Those are mindless fillers. In other words, things that are ok to do but within balance because if you’re not careful, you’ll soon see most of your day lapse with nothing to show for it.

One of my clients told me that at the end of her day she’d get into bed feeling overwhelmed and exhausted! She’d try to remember what she did that day. The next morning her to-do list was even longer because she didn’t accomplish most of what she needed to do the previous day.  I recommended she keep a journal throughout the day for two weeks including weekends. During our next coaching session she was shocked to tell me that there were more than 20 hours of wasted time each week. Most of it was engaging mindless fillers.

It’s those little things that can catch up with you if you’re not careful — those things which we engage without any concept of the amount of time it’s taking from our day.

7.  Grant yourself rest/play time and put it on your calendar:

A few years ago I was asked to take an assessment. I scored terribly on hobbies/interest, rest and fun. I mean horribly!!! Of 25 questions, my top 5 made since but the very last three were the only fun parts of the assessment — hobbies/interest, rest and fun. When you score terribly in those areas you know that it’s time to take a look at your life.

I’ve always been more serious than playful. I love the beach and a good book. I love engaging conversations. That to me is fun, restful and covers hobbies and interests right?  Well, not entirely. I had to make some changes to really incorporate some deliberate rest and fun in my daily schedule. I admit I’m still not a hobbies girl and my interests is supporting women toward living the life they envision. I find that to be fun also!

In this busy and serious world around us with schedules that can often feel as if we can’t breathe — give yourself PERMISSION to have enjoyable downtime! It will make YOU feel better and will make you better for your loved ones and those who you connect with each day. Put it on your calendar and make it happen. Your mind, body and spirit needs it!

If you put any of the these tips to use, let me know how it works for you.  If you have other tips that you use to manage your time and reduce or avoid feeling overwhelmed, I’d love to hear it. Share below in the comments.

Until next time, cheering you on!