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Revelation 12:11 (AMP) And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death [holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing].

How do you begin to understand at the tender age of 8, why the eyes that look like yours and the fair skin like yours and the wide nose like yours, is touching you in places Mom told you should never be touched; by a man you call Daddy?  I loved my Father, but not the alcoholism, not the rage and surely not the sexual abuse!  At 10 yrs old he left our lives and began another and I began a life of destruction.  The abuse left my young body wanting more and more of what…that is what I was in search of.  I began a life filled with sex; drugs and lies and more sex and more sex; it’s nothing BUT THE GRACE OF GOD THAT I AM DISEASE FREE! When I had my son at 18 years old, after aborting 3 others, I thought my life was finally headed in the right direction. I had no idea 18 months later God would call my son home! BUT GOD!

In 1994, I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer at the age of 24.  Not wanting to accept the news I did the worse thing imaginable, I did nothing!  I was raised in the church and I knew the power of healing, but I wasn’t thinking about the church; all I wanted was gratification and I went looking for it!  I abused my body, until the pain became unbearable and I was literally the walking dead.  After passing out in a club and being rushed to the hospital, I was told that if I didn’t have emergency surgery, I would be dead within weeks!  A total hysterectomy and the possibility of any more children for me were taken away within hours.  Months of chemotherapy and counseling and you start to feel a little better and the doctors drop yet another hammer; “The cancer has spread Stacye, we’ve found cancer cells in your breasts.” I’ve just celebrated my 25th birthday and now I’m facing the possibility of death yet again!

I endured a total hysterectomy and several lumpectomies before my 30th birthday and through it all Jesus walked with me! It took a few more years for me to fully understand that Jesus wasn’t ever going to leave my side and that all I needed to do was trust Jesus and enjoy the Love so freely given.  It took trusting Jesus with my whole heart and learning to listen to that still small voice and obeying the instructions.  At the age of 30 years old I brought my first home and being alone in that house, Jesus comforted and healed and taught me who my Father really was.  I discovered that he was being used as a pawn and because there was no relationship with Christ; Satan used my Father to attempt to kill the purpose in my life.

I was able to forgive the man I called Daddy; although he transitioned this life many years prior, and put the pieces of my life back together, while walking hand and hand with Jesus! I don’t consider myself a victim in any sense of that word…I am more than a conqueror and an overcomer and so are you!


032Stacye Earl. A native Washingtonian, Minister Stacye Earl was educated in the public school systems of the District of Columbia and Maryland Suburbs; she also attended Bowie State University.  A servant at heart, Minister Earl’s desire is to be a servant to ALL of God’s children and to teach others the importance of being a SERVANT in the Kingdom of God!  Minister Earl is the Founder of Standing Ready Ministries and the voice behind “Standing Ready w/Minister Stacye” and “The Morning Mustard Seed” in the Leap of Faith Network and the author of “Electrified…Tapping into the Power of Positive Affirmations” and the Executive Administrator at New Hope and Deliverance Church of Holiness in Christ; Broad Trustee and Christian Education Superintendent for the Church of Holiness in Christ Organization.  Please connect with Minister Stacye on facebook.com/StacyeEarlMinistries or on Twitter @MinisterStacye


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    • @forhimru2 My prayer is that my story unleashes the power within many, to take back the pieces of their lives that have been stolen by whatever means and restored to wholeness!

  1. Stacye,

    In some ways I can relate to your story because of my own. I’m thankful for the same restorative power that Jesus provided in my life, He provided in yours and He’ll provide for anyone (male or female) that puts their full trust, faith and hope in Him.

    You’ve walked miles and a lot of that journey has been very painful and again, in some ways I can relate but I especially celebrate when you said you are not a victim but more than a conqueror. I remember, when that powerful truth took hold in my own life in my late 20’s and healing began!

    I know God is using you mightily to touch others for His glory! Thank you for sharing your heart! I pray for God to send this message out to many.

    Love you.

    • My beautiful Sister Lisa, thank you for the open door with which I am able to share many of the experiences during my journey. I believe that many women and men will read my story and seek the comforting arms of our savior! My continuous prayer is: “Lord use me in whatever way YOU deem necessary!” Love you more!

  2. Thank you ladies! The journey was very rough, but very necessary!
    Transformation essential and I am forever grateful!

  3. Oh my sweet sister! Several thoughts come to mind. First, how grateful am I that you endured & prospered, & have now begun using that testimony to encourage others. Powerful!! Second, I loved this: “…and being alone in that house, Jesus comforted and healed and taught …”. Amazing grace in every way, & so like our Lord who comes near, always! I know that “alone place” well, though my journey there came via different means. Third: having just walked through a horrendous battle with Ovarian Cancer with my own 43 yr old daughter, I again marvel at God’s healing touch in your body (and hers). With the penning of this piece, that healing is truly demonstrated ~ body, spirit & mind. I especially love your focus. Thank you, & blessings on you & yours. (Hugs, too).


    • Thank you Kathleen! Let me tell you, many a night I lay crying into my pillow, wondering why God just didn’t let me die? It took me several years, before I understood that my life experiences would be used to compel many to accept Christ as their personal savior and charge others to come back to Him. My Faith has indeed made me whole! BIG HUGS to you too!

    • Elaine our life stories all have the potential to strengthen the next Sister or Brother that reads it and I promise you your story will do exactly that! Your Faith has indeed made you WHOLE! Keep pressing towards the mark!

    • Marilyn, truly that is my prayer! Many young ladies and women will be healed and made free from the bondage of past hurts and deep wounds. Blessing to you!

  4. A powerful story, so beautifully written, and giving Abba Father all the glory! Praying for you Stacey, that your healing and restoration will continue. Your story needs to be heard by countless women languishing in the dark prison of abuse and unforgiveness.

    • crownofglory thank you for your continued prayers…grateful indeed! I too pray that my story and others reach the dark corners of this world and draw women and men out of the darkness and into the light and restoration takes place! Blessings to you!

    • To God Be The Glory Wanda! My prayer is that many are delivered and made free! Blessings to you my beautiful sister!

  5. My oh my oh my. I know that when I first joined Lisa’s writing team I was instantly drawn to you. I did not know why but I looked up your site and wondered why I was drawn to you. But God it is because our testimonies are so much alike. Praise God for you sharing with so many women who need to hear. Thank you, thank you. God’s favor and blessings upon you!

    • Praise God DeLonda! May our voices be heard like trumpets and God grants strength to countless women during their journeys! Blessings to you my beautiful sister!

  6. What a powerful story. it really touched the very core of my heart. Yes, abuse of any kind is not the way we should grow up with. But, as we see those abuses as a tool for God to use us and that we will be restored, then we we can fully understand why those things happened.
    I can so relate to you, although that my father didn’t do the abuses, but other people, but I thank God for He made me whole and had given me anew life.

    • My sister Joy, I thank God for renewing your life and for teaching you that you aren’t your circumstances! Keep trusting and believing in the God we serve!

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