Grab a pad and pen and write down this ONE question:

A year from now what step will you wish you had taken today?

Whew! It’s summer and the calendar clock is running down quickly. Soon we’ll hear talk of holiday’s, family gatherings, shopping, gift giving, church events, outreach programs, company parties, treats and food!  Yes, all of those wonderful things that fill up the fourth quarter of the year.

The problem is we typically start the year with great expectation — goals we want to reach and changes we know we need to make but suddenly mid-year is upon us and then the fall season and we are back at January 1st still facing the same changes and goals that we haven’t achieved.  Can you relate? It creates frustration for some and disappointment for most. We try again hoping for a different experience and a different year but the truth is unless we are willing to do something different nothing will change.  We must take action — invest in ourselves — get the help that we need — pray for strength and wisdom — take courageous steps combined with determination, consistency and persistence to see the year that we envision!

Several years ago I was working with a married couple that needed help working through some significant concerns in their marriage. These concerns had gone on for many years. After working together for a time, their feedback was “Why did we wait so long to get help? We had no idea the benefits of coaching.”  They were so glad that I had asked the wife a question that started the positive change for them. Guess what that question was? You are correct — A year from now what step will you wish you had taken today? They answered. “Get help” I replied., “How may I help you?” The coach/client relationship began there and MOST importantly the relationship between them as a couple improved greatly over the months we worked together.

For you it may be marriage, business, or personal. Whatever your goals are. Write that question down on a pad and then take some time to really think about and pray about the answer. Write the answer down and then…

Take the next step.

I want the rest of this year to be good for you and for you to enter into next year differently — better so please reach out and let’s get started. Contact me HERE.

A year from now what step will you wish you had taken today?


A great year is just ahead,