Now is the perfect time

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Wanda Ward

Lately it seems I have been walking through a fog. I feel displaced, distracted, and might I just add discombobulated. I’m still reeling from the unexpected and trying to find my rhythm again. And if I’m honest Jesus feels distant to me on many days. But I know it’s me, who has moved my place. After going on autopilot for days, I finally remember to crack open my Bible.  I resort back to my faithful One Year Bible for Women, it makes it simple. I don’t have to figure out what to read. It already has the daily agenda laid out for me. The day’s reading is from Mark 5:21-43.

As  I begin reading familiar passages of scripture about Jairus plea for his sick daughter and the women with an issue of blood, one scripture in particular grabs my attention.
Mark 5:35b(NLT) Your daughter is dead. There’s no use troubling the Teacher now. (emphasis mine)

Within a moment I am transported from the text and into all the seemingly dead things that we deem as no use as troubling Jesus with today.  You know how we convince ourselves that there is no use troubling Jesus now….

now that you are already divorce
now that the relationship has ended
now that your wayward son is facing charges
now that your teenage daughter is 6 months pregnant
now that you are well passed thirty and still not married
now that that the doctors said you have cancer and you only a few months left
now that you promised yourself you never would do this again but here you are right back again
now that you have accepted that this is just the way life is

Deaden hopes, expectations and dreams have a way of leaving us despondent, dejected  and deceived into thinking it’s no use bringing our NOW concerns to Jesus.

At the same time the miracle was happening for the woman with an issue of blood, Jairus was receiving the word that his daughter’s issue was dead.

Have you ever been around women who were celebrating in triumphant, while you secretly felt as if you were dying inside because of your issues? We all have issues. Young or old. Slender or full-figured. Career women or stay at home mom. Bible teacher or lady of the night. Living in the big house with picket fence, staying in the penthouse or having no real place to call home. All women have issues.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Jesus places us in the midst of others who are experiencing fruitfulness in the same kinds of places we are momentarily barren. What if we start to see them as little reminders that Jesus is near instead of allowing them to become needle pricks that points to what is missing in our lives?

Throughout my day I reflect upon that one little line of scripture that refuses to be ignored–no use troubling the teacher now. That’s just what the enemy would have us believe. Our problem is too small, too big, or too trivial to bring to Jesus.  Jesus had a comeback for those words and they still ring true for you and I today. Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.

It takes courage to press pass the naysayers and all the evidence that points to just how hopeless things look right now but bring it in faith to Jesus.  Now is the perfect time.


WandaWanda Ward is a directionally-challenged southern girl, who often finds herself lost in a good book. By day she works as a case management coordinator and spends her free time as a blogger, reader, CSS and HTML digger. She enjoys a glass of cold coca-cola, although she has found that nothing truly satisfies her thirst quite like Jesus. You can connect with Wanda via her blog, The Watered Soul  or on Twitter @TheWateredSoul.

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  1. I was blessed by your honesty, honesty that describes every single one of us at times in our lives. You were so right to get right back into God’s word, and move forward again. There is no ‘home’ apart from walking closely with Jesus, and he always dusts us off when we stumble, and brings us to new places of faith.

    Thank you for the transparency of this post, it blessed me today.

    • Honored to hear that you were blessed by the words Sonja. My hope is that others are encouraged in their walk Jesus. We don’t always have it right but Jesus is loving and faithful to guide is back on the right track when we are open.

  2. Wanda, this post resonated with me on so many different levels. Thanks for the reminder that no matter how dead our situations may seem we can still take them to Jesus.

  3. Wonderful post, Wanda! Today, our pastor talked about the fact that some of us don’t pray or ask for prayer, because we “brought the particular problem” upon ourselves or “the terrible thing/situation” has already happened. He directed us to read James 4: 1-3 and James 5: 13-16. We all have issues–we all fall short of faith, love and mercy–we all have done things or said things that we feel cannot be forgiven. That’s where we are wrong. None of us deserves forgiveness, but the Lord listens to the heart of a righteous person(one who recognizes and confesses their sin and need for the Lord).

    Sometimes, other women just see “the parts” of your life that they covet or want. They don’t see the struggle to… stay positive, to stay motivated, to stay focused; to raise your children, to pray, to stay steeped in the Word, to show more love, to be a better wife, to be a better mom, to be a better you…. And, the list goes on. We all have issues, but it is how we handle the issues, that makes a difference in our lives. For me, it is necessary to continuously place my issues upon His altar and have “camel knees” like James-my pastor mentioned that James was known for his camel knees(scarred knees from all His praying).

    I have had folks ask me how I can smile when I am going through this or that… My answer is still the same: I give it to the Lord because I can’t handle it without Him. Realizing that I am weak, allows the Lord to work miracles in my life. My hurts, my problems, my issues…are real, but they just can’t bring me down because I know Who holds my hand.

    • That’s so true Cynthia especially in today’s world of social media we can easily display and see the pretty parts of each other’s lives but we aren’t privy to the struggle to maintain. I like that about camel knees. I hadn’t heard that expression before.

  4. “What if we start to see them as little reminders that Jesus is near instead of allowing them to become needle pricks that points to what is missing in our lives?”

    Ah that’s good. Maybe all the pinpricks lately are showing me what’s going to happen (because I keep whining about not knowing, LOL!).

  5. Well said! Yet again I am reminded that keeping my eyes on Him and not on that thing (whatever it is) that robs me of both joy & faith. He summons the best in us when nothing or no one else can. Amazing grace!

  6. It takes courage to press pass the naysayers and all the evidence that points to just how hopeless things look right now but bring it in faith to Jesus.

    Yes it does, yes it does. Amen. God bless you Wanda. Very encouraging.

  7. I’ve been so guilty of just what you’re talking about Wanda! Just thinking in my mind that things are gonna be what they’re gonna be and just ”don’t bother the Master” with my problems! So NOT true! Thanks for your insight here today!
    God bless,
    Marilyn H.

  8. Wow. Home run of a post and heart, Wanda. We so over use or come to rely on only our physical senses that we forget that they are part of our Father’s laws. He’s not subject to them! Only we are! And only until He decides that nothing is dead, everything is redeemable to Him!

    With what I have going on in my life, these are words from you, but given by our Father. God bless you, Wanda.

  9. For years I prayed to be able to have a child. I was still unable to conceive. I finally gave up. Little did I know that He hadn’t forgotten my desire. Years later, I now work with preschool children and love it. I had given up and simply got on with my life. It was through a very challenging time when I had to return to work that this job came about. I know it was a God thing. He is so good and so faithful.

    Great post and thoughts on these verses.

    Blessings and love,

    • Debbie, so glad you shared that because when we release our issue to Jesus, He does not always fix it in the manner we expect. But he still has a way of bring beauty and healing to a matter.

  10. Wanda,


    “Deaden hopes, expectations and dreams have a way of leaving us despondent, dejected and deceived into thinking it’s no use bringing our NOW concerns to Jesus.”

    And this:

    “Have you ever been around women who were celebrating in triumphant, while you secretly felt as if you were dying inside because of your issues? We all have issues. Young or old. Slender or full-figured. Career women or stay at home mom. Bible teacher or lady of the night. Living in the big house with picket fence, staying in the penthouse or having no real place to call home. All women have issues.

    Perhaps it is no coincidence that Jesus places us in the midst of others who are experiencing fruitfulness in the same kinds of places we are momentarily barren. What if we start to see them as little reminders that Jesus is near instead of allowing them to become needle pricks that points to what is missing in our lives?”


    If women could truly grasp what you said, there would be incredible healing and joy in-spite of the concerns realizing that Jesus is near, and there would be a lack of jealousy, comparisons and attempts at perfectionism existing. There would be MORE rejoicing together even when one is going through! Your message will reach many for the glory of God.

    Thank you for sharing this reminder for all of us as women! Love you.

    • Lisa, as one who has allowed the enemy to use it as needle pricks of pain far too I often, I pray that our eyes would be open to see faithfulness and love God all around us. And that God is truly for us.

  11. I’m here, in this place of worthlessness. Kids are grown, husband has passed on to glory! I work but live with no sense of purpose. Daily, it’s a struggle just to get out of bed and face another day. My Bible sits unopened for way longer than I care to admit. My Jesus seems only a distant friend who has no time for me. I trust Him for life and breath but without purpose, it’s just all seems futile! I haven’t been to church in nearly 2 years, just can’t motivate myself to find a new home. Some days, I fear ending it all, yet I am still able to talk myself out of that end. I know He’s there, just have no sense of His presence. Alone is not a good place to be. Sometimes, I just beg for someone who will listen and let me share the pain of loss. I just need to talk. Oh life, how fragile!

    • Cindy,

      As I read the outpouring of your heart this morning, I prayed for you. I prayed for God’s love to knock down the lies of the enemy that you are worthless! You are in a hurtful, lonely season of life without your family around you and I pray that you’ll ask God for the strength to take the step and return to your LIFE. I believe that as long as our eyes open each day there is still more life to live; God still has a purpose for us. Don’t quit Sis! Don’t give up! I know you are weary and heavy in heart. Jesus is calling you back to Himself (Matthew 11:26-30). His love for you is why He wants to carry the burdens you feel (1 Peter 5:7 AMP). I pray for God to send loving women into your life to love on you as you take the step to return to your life and it starts with picking up the Word again and spend time with Him. Draw close to the Psalms and let His love shower you right now. His Presence is indeed there and He loves you and I believe it’s His love that cause you to leave this comment because He wants you to FEEL and SEE His love poured out on you through others and so I pray His encouragement would penetrate those tender places in your heart. I’m wrapping my arms of prayer around you now.

      Jesus loves you. You are His adored! Please, take a step back into your Life and let Jesus meet you there. His arms are open to you right now. He’ll hold you up with His strength until you can walk along side of Him again.

      Love and blessings.

      • Dear Cindy,

        As I read and reread your comment, I kept hearing over and over “God has a plan for your life. God has a plan for your life.” (Jer 29:11 NIV) It may not seem like it now, but He does, beloved. It’s hard to see it, but Jesus is perfecting everything that concerns you. (Psa 138:8 NKJV) He’s with you even though He feels far away.

        When my dad passed in 2010, I came to know Jesus as Comforter in a real and tangible way. I can’t quite put it into words other than to say that He did a work in my heart that helped me walk through the grief. I pray He will do the same for you.

        I pray that the Father will wrap you up in His loving arms cause you to feel His love and His presence in real and powerful ways.


      • Cindy,

        My heart breaks to hear how lonely you feel. Especially that you feel that even Jesus ”has no time for you”. That’s one of the greatest tools Satan uses against us….telling us we are alone! If Satan can make you feel isolated and all alone, he can continually badger and torture you and get away with it. BUT praise Jesus if we have come to Him and accepted His great love gift of eternal life, then we are NEVER ALONE!!! Matthew 28:20 says “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” This has made me remember a song from long ago in my childhood that we would sing at our little country church. It was titled “Never Alone” and one of the verses went something like this: “I’ve seen the lightening flashing, I’ve heard the thunder roll. I’ve felt sin’s breakers dashing, trying to conquer my soul. But I hear the voice of Jesus, telling me still to fight on. HE promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone!” So sister….take hold of His promises and remember that He never breaks a one of them! Get that Bible out and begin reading. You will not be able to not feel Him as you read His love letters to you in His Word!
        May God bless you in the days to come, to feel not only His presence but to feel the love of your brothers and sisters in Christ….wherever you may come in contact with them! On this blog….in the grocery store…or in a church. Look up! God’s still God and He still loves you!!

        Marilyn H.

      • Cindy…just be.

        Just be…in the stillness of Jesus and pour out your sadness, anger and all the other stuff that is paralyzing you.

        Just be… in His Word. Even if you read a sentence or two. In time, you will feel His Life and your heart will beat again.

        Just be… knowing that Jesus has never left you. He’s waiting for you to swing your feet over the edge of the bed and walk towards Him…you can do it!

        Listen for the whisper, that’s how close He is to you…

      • Lord Jesus, please surround this beautiful lady whom you cherish with your peace, love, and comfort. Pour out Yourself to her and through her. Strengthen, heal, and renew her spirit. I pray Lord for You to rise up an army of your children to come along side her. In Your most precious and holy name, Amen.

      • Dear Cindy,
        My heart cries for you. I feel your pain as if I were sitting there with you. Jesus is with you, the fact that you left a comment here is proof of that. He led you here, to a group of women whom he knew would reach out and embrace you in love. I’m praying for you my dear sister. Don’t lose hope. Open your heart to just hear His voice again, feel his touch again. He has not forsaken you Cindy.

    • Dear Cindy,

      I am praying for you too. Do you know how much Jesus loves you? He sees all that’s going on in your life and …He cares. He knows where you are in this season of life. May I encourage you to begin to pray; to talk to Jesus. Say His Name when you first wake up. Ask Him to help you live out each day that He has ordained for you.

      There are many who feel lost and alone. I remember going to church after many years of being absent. I sat on the last row so I could easily make my exit. But I kept coming back even though I went by myself and continue to do so. Please know that you are being prayed for right now.

    • Dear precious Cindy,

      As I read your words, I wondered if you could be one of my loved ones – someone I love so much who is going through the very same thing. I think you are one of the bravest people for sharing your heart in this way.

      Hear me.

      You are not alone.
      You are not forgotten.
      You have a Savior who redeems.
      You have a Savior who is strong when you are weak.

      “I’m reminded that God never dozes off, even when for a time the air is smooth and the way is clear. He doesn’t jolt awake when the earth rumbles beneath your feet. He is in perfect attendance to your every step!” ~ Beth Moore

      You need to know that I love you because you are my Sister in Christ and I see you struggling. I want to challenge you to take one small baby step towards Jesus today. Whether it is to read a small passage scripture, simply pray, sit silently and ask God to surround you with His love, turn on some praise and worship music and let it flood your soul with encouragement, anything.

      You see, oftentimes our journeys with God are just this way — baby steps towards Him. Whether the journey is joyful or sorrowful, He is proud of every step forward we make. When especially in the tough times going backward would be so much easier.

      Take one small baby step today.

      I’m cheering you on, sweet sister.

      Much love,

    • Dear, sweet sister Cindy, I am deeply touched & saddened to hear of the painful place you find yourself. I couldn’t help but think of how real & difficult is grief, especially with so many losses as you’ve experienced. It is no small wonder that you feel devastated.

      Some years ago I found myself relating in large measure to Job. One heartbreak after another rolled into my life like the waves of an angry sea. I thought I’d never survive it, much less thrive in it. That was then. Today, at 66, I can say with gratitude & earnest: There’s value in the struggle. What is on top of & burying you today, will one day be beneath your feet. You will stand on top of it!

      For now, we are the “someone”s you’ve prayed & begged for. Thank you for trusting us with your pain. I hope you’ll return again & often, & join us in our walk with Jesus.

      We’re listening, and so is He.

      Prayers & blessings,

      Psalm 27:1, 5, 7-9, 13-14 NIV

      “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?
      The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?
      For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
      he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.

      Hear my voice when I call, Lord; be merciful to me and answer me.
      My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek.
      Do not hide your face from me, do not turn your servant away in anger;
      you have been my helper.
      Do not reject me or forsake me, God my Savior.

      I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
      Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

    • Cindy,

      I’m praying for you right now. Praying the Lord will be your “shelter and secret retreat.” Praying you find peace amidst the storm in Him, and that safety surrounds you as you seek Him. He WILL set you high on the rock, sweet one. (Psalm 27)

      I’m praying the right friends come into your life to help carry you when it is just too hard to carry yourself. I’m praying for a community that will stand with you and encourage you on. I’m praying what the devil means for harm would be turned around for your good and for the great glory of Jesus Christ.

      There is nothing wrong with being honest with our Jesus. Bring all of this to Him.

      I will be praying hope over your home and heart, and comfort found in the shadow of His wings.

      Your King loves you, Cindy. He has delighted to save you. He sings over you and rejoices over you. You bring Him something no one else does. He is for you and absolutely *nothing* can separate you from the love He has for you. He will fight for you.

      Keep clinging.

      We are praying!

    • My dear sweet sister Cindy,

      As I write this response to you, my heart is filled with love for you! As my other sisters in Christ have repeatedly expressed; God has a purpose for you! We all have experienced loss at some point in our lives and I’m sure we all thought we wouldn’t survive it, but you and all of us did and for that we can thank and praise God!

      My precious sister, fellowship with like minded people of God helped me to see my way clear from depression and a sense of worthlessness. It was the love of God and His vessels that dismantled the lies the enemy kept feeding me. It was the embrace I received from the Kingdom members that helped me renew my relationship with Jesus Christ. It was reading The Word on a daily basis and falling to my knees as often as I was able and talking to The Father, that destroyed the depression and saved my life! And WE know, trust and believe that it will do the same for you!

      Giving up is NOT an option my dear sister! You have sooooo much love; we know because your heart is crying out for help and God knows, because He lead you to ALL of US! We are here for you; we will pray with you; we will hold you up before Him and we will comfort you, as we do each other! Cindy you are NOT alone and will never be again! Your guardian angel; your husband, has shed a light upon you and helped guide you to a group of women that Walk With Jesus daily and WE are more than excited to lead you to the one that helps US put one foot in front of the other and proclaim that “greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world!”

      We surround you with the light and love of Jesus Christ and we pray that Abba Father surrounds you with warring angels to fight on your behalf and comfort you as you rest your weary mind and surrender to His promise of never leaving you nor forsaking you! Know this, He has you in the palm of His hand, where NO demon or devil will be able to pluck you out!

      Be thou empowered my precious Sister Cindy…WE LOVE YOU!

    • Hi Cindy, thank you for the courage to share how you are feeling. Sweet sister despite how it feels you are not alone. I too went through a season where I didn’t attend church at all but Jesus in his love and faithfulness drew me back to Him more so than just a building. I felt forsaken by God but that wasn’t truth! His word declares he never leaves us nor forsakes. What I have come to learn is that Jesus will meet us right where we are in the lonely and desolate places. We don’t have to pretend with Him. May I encourage you to do some journaling. I along with the other ladies here will be praying for you. Because you are here says God still has purpose for your life. I declare the words of a song that has been replaying in mind and heart all day to you, Oh how He Loves! Oh How Jesus Loves Us. Oh how he loves you Cindy!

  12. Wanda,

    I somehow missed your post from this past weekend! I just read it and it is one of the most honest, transparent and powerful posts I’ve read in a long time. People need to know that everyone struggles with things of faith. Everyone doubts if anyone else cares. Everyone needs to know that Jesus can be trusted with everything — no matter what it is!!

    Thank you for your faithfulness to share this!!


    • Hi Dori, I understand the weekend was a busy one for me as well. It was one of those post that after you hit send you secretly want to call it However, I whant you expressed is what I want others to know that walking with Jesus does not mean we are always singing and smiling. Some days we are barely making steps at all. Honored to be serving among all of you ladies.

    • Isunji, it was one of those times that I wondered about being a little too honest but it’s where I was in my walk with Jesus. That’s what I love about the group Lisa’s has gathered we are all in very different stages. So much to glean from each other.

  13. Sister’s In Christ: Words fail me just now, but know, the Lord is speaking ‘quietly’ to my broken heart tonight as I read each word you have written here. Tears are flowing, which I have not allowed in months! Thank you Each for taking the time to pray and write your love/grace notes to me! I am listening and attempting to accept your words of love and comfort! It is a challenge, as I feel so unworthy, but I am opening up my heart to receive and am encouraged tonight! Thank you All!!

    • You have our continued love and prayers Cindy as you experience the saturation of Jesus’ love on your heart bringing mending and healing to the wounded areas in on the way that He can. He loves you.

    • Gratitude & joy blanket my heart as I thank God for strengthening You as only He can. I pray that strengthening continues, & that we hear from you again, and often. You will, I am certain, live on to encourage others. Thank you again for trusting us with your broken heart.

      • Cindy, what a blessing it is to know that our Lord is ministering to your broken heart as only He can! And as far as being “unworthy”….hey friend!….we’re ALL that!! In fact it reminds me of another song we used to sing. The chorus goes like this….”Unworthy, unworthy, a beggar in bondage and alone! But HE made me worthy, and now by His grace, His mercy has made me His own!” What an awesome thought that is to me…I’ll never be worthy of anything but hell but by God’s mercy and grace I’m headed to eternal life by His side!

        P.S. If you’d like to read all the verses to the song Unworthy, you can go to this link:

        May God continue to bless you and ”quietly” heal your wounded broken heart is my prayer!


    • Cindy I am just now reading through the comments, and I applaud your courage and am thankful that you reached out and were open. I also appreciate that you circled back around! So many times when people leave comments, and you write them back, and you worry about what happened afterward. Thank you! I’ve not lost my husband, but both my parents have gone to be with the Lord, so I do understand the holes that are created in your life when loved ones are far away. Know that we as the WWWJ team are praying for you,

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