Do You Want to be Whole?


As beautiful Christian women we can pack a smile with the best of them and when asked how we are, the resounding, “I’m good” comes pouring forth but are we really good? Is the smile reflecting what’s going on inside or is the smile masking deeper pain and open wounds?

Lisa Shaw (Meet Lisa and Lisa’s formal Bio), is working behind the scenes prayerfully and carefully to bring you exactly what God desires for you to help you to live the whole life He’s provided through Christ; a life that you can embrace and enjoy even in the difficult times.  Do you want to be whole? It’s the question Jesus asked the man at the pool (John 5). Is He asking you the same question? I understand. He asked me as well.

This mentoring package is about your emotional and spiritual healing as a Christian woman and your ability to live a full and abundant life.

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