21 Days Breaking New Ground


Lisa Shaw is working behind the scenes prayerfully and carefully to bring you exactly what God desires for you to help you to break new ground in your life as a Christian Woman. She’s been saved since she was 12 years old (Meet Lisa and Lisa’s formal Bio) and has seen the Lord’s restorative power on her own life and has for over fifteen years had the privilege to help women to break new ground in their lives.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect in the 21 Days Breaking New Ground mentoring package:

  1. A video message from Lisa walking you through the mentoring package while supporting you in making the deliberate decision to break new ground in your life.
  2. Downloads of materials based on biblical principles and application, that will help you over the course of 21 days to lay down hindering mind-sets and habits and pick up all that God has for you.
  3. You will gain more understanding about God’s grace in your every day life
  4. Lisa won’t leave you hanging, she will provide a moving forward day at the end of the mentoring package.

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