Meet Lisa

LisaShaw_MeetLisaIt’s a pleasure to greet you! If we were to meet in person I would tell you that Jesus’ love is the story of my life.  I’d invite you to my home, serve you something hot to drink and we’d put our feet up on my chocolate sofa and have some girl talk time.  We’d share some stories about our lives.  We’d cry, laugh and have serious talks about how faithful God has been in our lives.  I’d pray for you, hug you and make you feel at home as we got to know each other better.

It’s difficult to talk about yourself but in an attempt to help you to get to know my heart for God and for you better, here goes–I love the Lord with all my heart.  I’ve been a Christian since I was 12 years old. I was violated for many years in my childhood and had to live well into my adult years with the pain of that shame while interacting with the person who caused it. From early on it created a fear based mind-set and life-style, along with the negative attributes of people-pleasing and making wrong and painful decisions through my mid-20’s.

As a woman, I know what it means to live in fear, to doubt yourself and to allow your past to define you.  I know what it is to be a single Mom as I was one at 21 years old.  I also know what it is to serve in church with a smile on your face and have a wounded soul.  I felt like the “woman with the issue of blood” in Mark 5 until I made the decision to touch the garment of my Savior’s love.  I was the Christian who felt like God was some far off entity because knowing Him as Father was very hard for me until His love took me over.

There’s so much more I could tell you, I wrote about some of it in my book: You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes, but today, as I write this, tears stream down my face because with all the pain I’ve known, (and I only scratched the service for you above) in all of that I know the healing, restorative power of God’s hand on my life since my upper 20’s. I’m close to 50 now and by God’s grace I have spent a long time helping women to see themselves through God’s eyes and not the world’s view  (see Lisa’s Speaking Bio).  I am also working on my second book due out in 2015. It will speak to the heart of every woman who needs the courage to take the next step.

Lisa_Peter_MeetLisaI am wife to my best friend and the one who keeps me laughing, my husband of 24 years and counting. We share the blessing of adult children, grand-children and a son-in-law.  I love finding treasures in the Word of God. I have an affection for dogs, lions and trees. I enjoy a cup of hot Chai Tea, listening to the sound of the ocean water and at any given moment you could hear me praying my heart out to God for others or singing to Him.

For a more formal bio please visit me at my Speaking link.  Be sure to visit my Whole Woman radio program and I’d love to share God’s love at your special event.  Now that you’ve learned a little bit about me, I’d love to know how I may serve you so visit the links and be encouraged in the Lord. God bless and thanks for visiting with me.

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