May His word to me be fulfilled



Luke 1:38 And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

The most humbling, powerful words of the Virgin Mary spoken above are often shared especially during Christmas. May I ask you to view these words as you speaking them to the Lord about your own life? I am your servant Lord, so may it be done to me exactly as you have said.

There is something amazing, challenging, and at times a little scary and always rewarding about saying Yes Lord. That’s what Mary was saying to the angel of the Lord. Yes, to His will and way for her life. Imagine, a virgin young lady, engaged to be married and is pregnant. Imagine what she must have faced and the potential of what could have happened to her in those times. Still, with what she faced, Mary’s answer was Yes Lord.

Search the Bible for other men and women who stepped out in the confidence of their faith and said yes Lord even when they may have appeared crazy to other people, or perhaps faced the potential of ridicule, isolation or even death. Still, they said yes to God. Allow their lives to encourage you. I don’t believe their souls would have been contented and quieted without that act of obedience—an unwavering, immovable, unshakeable faith. That’s a faith that says, Yes Lord no matter what others may say or think or how the circumstances may appear.

Is there something God is leading you to do that seems different from other people? Perhaps God is requiring a faith-walk from you that makes you nervous, doubtful, and concerned about what others will think or say? There will always be nay-Sayers and people will always have opinions. Sound, wise counsel is good but we must all follow obediently after God with a definitive, Yes Lord. Just as with Mary, He won’t fail or forsake us. Trust His leading in your life as I do in mine.

What wonderful purpose has He mapped out before you? Perhaps within your heart there is a knowing that He is telling you “Trust Me for I am Your GOD and my plans for you are for good and not for harm.” Will you trust Him?

Lisa Shaw

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