Listen in to The Whole Woman online radio program with Lisa Shaw.  This powerful teaching about God’s Favor. Yes, we are blessed and favored but if we want to go into the realm of the highly favored of God, where blessings unimaginable are released in our lives, then there is one word that is necessary to do that as believers in the Lord.

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We want an Ephesians 3:20 lifestyle but that requires ONE WORD so that the box of abundant blessings God has for us will be thrown open for His glory!



Do you want to live in the level of favor that God has for you? Do you want favor over your family, ministry, businesses, churches, relationships, finances, and other desires of your heart?  Nothing so terrible as someone holding a beautiful, big gift box and saying, “I have incredible blessings inside of this for you. I desperately want to give it to you but you’re limiting my ability to release it to you.”  Well, wouldn’t we want to know what is necessary to get our hands on that box? Wouldn’t we begin to ask the why, what and how questions? Why can’t you give it to me? What do I have to do?  How can I cooperate with you to receive the blessings? Come on, truth is we’d all inquire right?  Well, what if God is holding a bigger than life box in His Almighty Hands with your name on it and He’s saying, “Child, I desperately want to deliver this to you. It’s FULL to overflowing with all that I have for you but you are limiting my ability to release it to you. Not that I can’t release it. Not that I don’t want to release it. But there is a level of cooperation necessary for you to receive it.”  Well, let’s listen in to the Podcast today and see what God is speaking to our hearts.

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A quote from the broadcast: