Jesus is real to me

Jesus is the gift2There’s a song I grew up singing on the choir, “Jesus is real to me”.  Went something like this:

Real, real, Jesus is real to me. Oh yes! He gives me the victory!

So many people doubt Him, but I can’t live without Him, that is why I love Him so

He’s so real to me!

He is indeed real to me. Not one person could make me doubt that He is the Son of God, that He who knew no sin became sin for MY SINS on the cross.  I don’t doubt that God raised Him from the dead the third day and that even right now He’s seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty.  I have no doubt of His love for me and that His grace abounds in my life! I have no doubt that He has already defeated the devil and that every trial and tribulation I walk through, Jesus is there with me like the Hebrew Boys in the Word.  When the fire attempts to consume me, when the floods attempt to overwhelm me, Jesus is right there speaking peace to the situation and helping me to go through it and not be taken out!  He’s there for you too.

Jesus is not only my Lord, Savior and King but He’s also my Rock, Peace, High Priest, my Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Love, and my Daily Bread.  He is the light of my life, the only one who can mediate between me and God the Father.  Jesus is not only my Lord, He’s my Friend and my Elder Brother.  I am often overwhelmed when I think of what He’s done for me and is doing for me right now!

I know that I fail Him at times. I know that I am disobedient to His Word at times.  I know that I cooperate with my flesh at times when I know better! I know that there are times when my words, thoughts, actions and behavior don’t reflect that I really know who He is! And even still, His love and mercies are so incredible upon my life that He doesn’t turn away in disgust when He could!  But rather, His Holy Spirit will convict me of my sin, which I call GOOD GUILT not the BAD GUILT called condemnation that the devil throws at us! The Holy Spirit shows me immediately where I’m off base and draws me to a heart of genuine repentance.    He could punish me but rather disciplines me with conviction. Only a good God would do that!!!! Oh my goodness if we only knew in whom we believe! If we only knew the incredible level of GRACE that is never-ending on our lives and the abundance of unconditional LOVE that we are receiving day in and day out!!!

If we really knew….

If we really believed…

How differently we’d behave. 

I remember when I first realized in my earlier years, that Jesus was right there with me ALL the time.  He could see me and everything I did.  And not because He was some ghost in the room as some say, but because He is alive in my heart.  Just pause and think about that. When we give our heart and life to Jesus He gives us His heart in return.  Put your hand on your heart right now. It’s like two beats in one. His and ours.  That draws me to major tears….

Everything I shared above has a Scriptural basis but tonight I didn’t want to share that, I know shocking. I just wanted to share my heart for Jesus.  And, I wanted you to know that what He has and is doing for my life, He will do for yours. Trust  in, cling to and rely on Him.  Jesus doesn’t love as we do, thankfully He has enough love to pour out on every person on the earth if you so desire His love.  He loves without strings (conditions). His love is unconditional.  He doesn’t wait until you get your act together, until you think you’re good enough to come to Him. O no, He has His arms open to us in the nasty of our nastiness if you know what I mean.  With all of our oogliness (my word for real ugly), He still says, “Come to me and follow Me. I love you and My plans for you are so much better than how you’re living”.

Jesus changes lives.  He takes our unrighteousness and gives us His righteousness! How amazing is our Lord?! Amazing indeed!

Thank you for letting me share my heart for Jesus and His heart for us.

I pray that if He’s not real to you that you’ll desire a relationship with Him right now because He’s waiting for you, knocking at the door of your heart.  This is not about a religion, never was.  The Bible is not a religion it’s about a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; a beautiful relationship that begins the moment we open the door of our heart to Jesus.  I invite you to please visit my link, Do you know Jesus?

Blessings to you!

Lisa Shaw

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    • The Gospel song “Jesus Is Real To Me” was written by my grandmother the late Beatrice Brown of Indianapolis, In. I remember as a young child my bro & I use to attend the Natl Congres of Choirs & choruses of which she was one of the founders with Prof Thomas A. Dorsey.

      • Hello Terrie, thank you for visiting my blog today and for sharing about your Grandmother and the song I grew up singing in the choir. I know that God has used that song, he graced your grandmother to write, to bless many countless people over the decades for His glory. God bless you!

      • Beatrice Brown was the first choir director of the church (New Haven Missionary Baptist Church) that my grandfather, Andrew F. Murray founded in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are many members of my family who still belong and attend every sunday. Most of us still sing in the choir and my sister, whom Beatrice Brown taught how to direct the choir at the age of 13, is STILL the choir director today. Many people don’t like nor appreciate her style of directing because it is not the “normal” mainstream way of directing, but we all like it. And as I always say, “What is normal to you, is not always the norm…” I did not find out until this past Sunday that Beatrice Brown was the person who taught my sister her style of directing the choir and I decided to look her up and that is how I found your blog. I know that this is not the correct forum and an unorthodox way of doing things, but I would love for it if Ms. Brown’s grandchild(ren) coulf meet Reverend Murray’s grandchildren and mayeven all get together and sing Ms. Brown’s song…”Jesus is Real to Me”. He is real!!! My name is Trevor Murray, by the way.

  1. Catching up on your sweet words of encouragement today, Sis. This ministered to my heart this morning. I just wanted you to know.

    You are making a difference in so many lives! I am cheering you on!!


    • Aww, beautiful friend, I somehow missed your comment. I am so glad the Lord ministered to heart in what I shared. I love you and appreciate you. Keep loving and living for Jesus! You are an inspiration to many that you are not even aware of but God knows.

      Love you!

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