Jesus, a crutch?


Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Lisa Shaw

When people say that Jesus is just a crutch for us to lean on, it used to bother me until the day I needed crutches and realized the value of them.

Pushed down between the subway and the platform, I almost lost my leg. When it was time to be released from the hospital, they sent me with crutches to support my healing. When we arrived home my husband supported me on one side, while the crutches, held under my armpit, supported my weight more evenly. For the next several weeks those crutches stayed by my side assisting me wherever I needed to go. They supported me when I stood up and they held securely as I put pressure on them to sit down. Crutches are used to support you through your healing process.  So when some say Jesus is my crutch  I won’t get offended because He has supported me through the most difficult times in my life…

Emotional damage from my body being inappropriately fondled (violated) throughout my childhood and teens at home which propelled me into men using me for their gain.  Becoming a single mother at 21 years old, and then watching my precious baby being hospitalized at less than a week old with an extremely high temperature, almost in convulsions and near death over a 2 week battle. The doctors and specialists didn’t know what was wrong; they just knew that “things didn’t look good”.  I sunk into deep hurt; crippling fear reared its ugly head once again. I somehow blamed myself and I prayed but really pleaded in from the belly of despair and undeveloped faith—a wounded soul.

Met and married in 7 months. An abortion at 25 years old which led to almost 2 years of being a functioning depressed person, trapped in guilt, shame, condemnation and hurt since my childhood, only feeling loved by my precious Grandma and Grandpa who represented the love of Christ in my life. Living a crippling fear-based, people-pleasing, needy, wounded, heart-guarded lifestyle where faith didn’t have a chance–Saved but not in relationship with the God-head. I didn’t feel worthy of one.  I was too wounded and hid it well!  You see I had learned how to keep secrets because that’s what I had been taught at home but the truth is if you live hostage to your secrets you are not living at all and Satan will use your secrets to hinder your life!  As I cried out in repentance and asked Jesus whom I had known since my childhood but was beginning to truly know as an adult, He forgave me and said, “Come to Me, Daughter and let me cleanse you, bind up the wounds and restore your crushed spirit”.  

Through all of this, Jesus was there supporting me even when I thought I didn’t deserve His covering. When I could barely stand up from the hurts; crushed in spirit, pained in my soul, I knew that someone was holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself up. His name was Jesus.

The sudden and tragic loss of my 23 year old younger brother, a gun shut to his head by his own hands. I thought I would die the pain was so riveting.  The sudden loss of my Grandma, 5 months before my wedding–the woman who taught me to walk with Jesus, was now in His presence but the pain in my heart was wrenching. I still needed her so much but I remembered her words as she taught me in my childhood, “Lisa, you’ll always need Psalm 27:13-14 to use as a prayer so learn it now” and she was right. Releasing the hand of my Grandpa, my hero, the man who loved me purely, was painful but I knew it was time, Jesus called his name.

Through friendships that hurt me deeply—betrayal, being used for what their needs were but never caring to really get to know Lisa. Being dismissed and rejected by women that I called friend. My heart almost hardened in those hurts but Jesus said, “Daughter, I’m a friend that sticks closer than any brother. I’m the Friend that laid my life down for you. I love you and I’ll never you or forsake you.”

Through all of this, and so much more than what I can write here to you, I knew that somehow someone was holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself up. His name was Jesus.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and their sorrows]. Psalm 147:3 (AMP)

After each situation, Jesus either supported me with His strength, or when I was too weak to even stand, he’d lift, carry and restore me. He’ll do the same for you if you trust Him.  We put crutches into the closet once we’re done with them; I don’t put Jesus away once I’m restored. I walk with Him during the good times so that when the hurts of life come and my hand feels like it’s slipping he grips me so I don’t fall. When my flesh wants to rise up in situations, he reminds me that I’m His and He has me covered! Jesus, a crutch? I choose to say, I confess my need for Him and I’m thankful that we continue to walk together. Are you walking with Him? He’s calling you. Will you answer?


hopeandhealing9Lisa Shaw knows that Jesus’ love is the story of her life. She’s founder of She’s a Bible Teacher, Event Speaker, Author of You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes, host of the Whole Woman online radio program, an ordained Pastor, Personal Christian Consultant who helps women and married couples to build and blossom in their lives and a Freelance Writer who enjoys writing over a hot cup of Chai Tea. Her most favorite role is the privilege of being wife to her husband of 24 years, Peter and Mother to two, Grandma to two and Mother in law to one. Lisa believes the quote that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. She cares.  Visit with her here at

22 Responses to Jesus, a crutch?

  1. Oh Lisa, this was powerful! Gave a whole new meaning to Jesus being ”a crutch”! I always need Him to carry me along in my great weakness. Thank you for giving me encouragement to keep walking with Jesus daily! God bless you my friend!

    • Amen Marilyn! I need Jesus too so I’m with you on that Sis! I don’t know where I would be now without His love, mercy, grace and RESTORATIVE power on my life. I firmly believe that I went through those things mentioned and MANY other hurtful and devastating things because God cultivated me for the ministry He put in my hands almost two decades ago–ministering to wounded women–helping women to see themselves through His eyes and nurturing women to become all that God has called them to be. It takes going through those things to be able to be compassionate and hungry to help others to be FREE through JESUS Christ! I WILL ALWAYS NEED HIM! Thanks for your words of encouragement as well Sis. Hugs and blessings!

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you for your transparency and honesty. We love and serve an amazing GOD who heals and redeems. I am thankful for the ministry He has given you. May God continue to use every aspect of your life for His glory.

    Love you,

    • Amen Andrea! We sure do serve an amazing God! He restores completely as we put our whole trust in Him. Thank you for the prayer of blessing over the ministry. May God continue to be glorified. Blessings over you and all that God is doing in and through your life! Love you!

  3. Lisa, I LOVE this post. My Daddy walked on crutches for 52 of his 68 years on this earth, as a result of polio. Without his crutches, he could not walk at all. His crutches enabled him to be so much more than he ever would have been without them. He was able to impact many lives because of his crutches. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll willingly pick up the Jesus-crutches and walk on with HIM!

    • Amen Leah…I willingly pick up the Jesus-crutches and walk with Him too because I confess my absolute need of Him. Thank you for sharing the testimony of your Daddy. Wow, that encouraged my heart in several ways. Love you.

  4. Oh sweet Lisa, the pain you endured and yet Jesus was there for you. I love how your grandma prepared you. If only she could see the woman you’ve become! But she will one day be reunited with you in heaven.

    I understand the need for crutches as I too had a time of using them after an injury. Jesus lifted me up and continues to heal me. I think many people think they can lift themselves up as they invent a saying that isn’t in the Bible about ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Not true! We all have a need and the only One who can truly fill that need is …JESUS.

    I love your heart Lisa. You are very special to me. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

    Love you sis,

    • Oh you hit it on the head Debbie about that saying people use. It’s not in the Bible but sadly many have picked up the phrase and the mind-set, including some Christians.

      Thank you for your warm words, brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. I love you my friend!

  5. Hi Sweet Lisa!

    I shed some tears today reading your post…..I can relate on so many levels, especially you losing your Grandmother before your wedding. I lost my mother 2 weeks before my wedding and wondered why GOD would take her at what was supposed to be the happiest time in my life. But my JESUS was there with me on my special day and so was my Mother in spirit.

    All I know with all my soul is that my JESUS is the ROCK on which I stand…..if some call that a crutch then so be it. I love your perspective here. Isn’t it wonderful that HE comes alongside us when we are in pain and at the well needing that living water. Bless your sweet heart and thanks for sharing this!

  6. This is such a powerful post! I never thought of Jesus being a crutch as a positive blessing until now – but I certainly lean on Him every day. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

    With love ~

  7. Leaning on Jesus and the crutch of Calvary each and every day. He’s solid; he’s true. He’s the only One in my life who can bring me safely home. Blessings, sister, and thank you for your witness of faith.

  8. The beauty of your testimony is all over your life Lisa. Your face shines with the love of Jesus. I say it all the time, there is nothing more effective than the testimony of a life that God has changed. It’s the same for each of us, no matter what we used to be, we all need Jesus, and there is nothing else and no one else that changes lives.

    You already know I love you, thank you for sharing your heart. You bless my life!

    • Thank you my special friend Sonja, for your words of encouragement and strength. Indeed there is nothing more effective than the testimony of a life that God has changed. I’m a witness. I love and appreciate you and the GIFT you are to my life!

  9. Thank you for this beautiful testimony Sis. Lisa. Your words brought me to tears today. After all you’ve been through His joy shines brightly through your life. I’ve never thought of Jesus as a crutch before but as I read your words I remember the many times He’s been there supporting me and lifting me me up when I needed Him most. Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Love & hugs,

  10. You’re so right: the world-at-large sees little value in the believer’s salvation ~ that is, until they take a painful plummet themselves. I’ve watched so many (even among those I love), grasp for relief from pain in work, in sex, in alcohol/drugs, in resentment, etc. Often it is then, in the throes of woe, that the unbeliever will come looking for the crutch that sustained me in troubled times. Hitting bottom has its benefits!

    I love your heart, sweet friend. God uses your voice powerfully.


    • “until they take a painful plummet themselves.” Oh how true Kathleen! Praying for those you love as I pray for mine. I love and appreciate you and the gift that you are to my life! Glad we are joining in Jesus together.

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