Take the limits off. That’s what came to my mind as I watched a tiny bird in the tree outside of my office window. I found it interesting to watch him looking straight ahead fixed on an object in front of him and then he’d look around searching the surroundings. I wondered what he was thinking. It appeared that he was studying something in the distance as if he were determining what he was going to do next. Suddenly, he took off and flew high above our cul-de-sac and landed in a taller tree across the street as if he needed a higher level to view his surroundings and make his plans.

Hmm, does that speak to you about your life?

I had just finished a client call with an amazing woman that I have the pleasure of serving in reinventing herself now that she’s made the decision to transition from a full-time position at a company for the last 15 years into doing her own business. With that comes fears, concerns, and some serious decisions to make. That type of decision can’t be made easily if you walk in limits — in other words, if we focus solely on what we can see up-close without being willing to study the surroundings (the situation and all of the specifics involved), and create a strategy toward success just as the bird did. And when you can’t see clearly you do what you must to go a level higher to get a better view of the situation. I call that gaining clarity. That’s what the bird was successfully doing and that’s what I’m helping a client to begin to do as she reaches higher in reinventing herself and transitioning from working for someone to working for herself. Don’t be afraid of change or transition, it can reap a bountiful return in your life as you step out and do the “next” in your life.

We can learn so much from watching the beauty of God’s creations around us. Have you watched a group of ants work together or a group of birds flying in formation? So much we can learn about unity, accountability, determination, fearlessness, compassion and more from them.


Here’s a few starter questions to ask yourself to determine if you have taken the limits off or need to starting now:

  • Are you limiting yourself by focusing solely on what you can see up-close or are you willing to look beyond that — to change positions if necessary so that you can get a better view of what your life can be?
  • What are you prepared to do next in your personal, ministerial or professional life? Go for it! Go higher beyond what you see up-close.  You can do it!

Cheering you on!