Lisa Shaw Radio iTunes FINALMothers (birth and adoptive), Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunties, Foster Moms, Group Home-Moms, Guardian-Moms, Spiritual Moms–and all women who pour into the lives of children young and into adult-hood, you are welcome to listen in.  You are all important to the generations you are pouring into and those who will come after them.

A mother who loves her children, will understand that her children are a gift and parenting (loving, nurturing, mentoring, influencing, developing, disciplining and pouring into the life of a human being), is a privilege not a right. Being called “mother”, comes with great blessings and some challenges. We must be significant in the lives of our children young and adult. There are 4 specific ways Lisa will share with you that Mother’s are significant.

Listen in to the podcast and be encouraged and strengthened in the calling God has given to you—Mother.