He can handle our “it”



One thing I know for sure in over three decades of my walk with God– He can handle it. Whatever the it is, you can be assured that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can handle it.

What’s the it in your life right now? Disease, sickness, injury, financial hardship, prodigal adult children, struggling teens,  unpleasant marriage, harsh divorce, the hurt of widow-hood, broken friendship, estranged from a loved one, job loss, facing eviction, an unkind boss, a hurtful situation at church, a broken down car?

What’s the it in your life right now? Fear, anger, anxiety, worry, frustration, painful memories, penetrating problems robbing you of sleep. Perhaps it’s joylessness, loneliness, discouragement, or the bitterness of rejection or betrayal.

Maybe your it is waiting. The waiting room of the Doctors office for you or a loved one.  The waiting for a phone call from a loved one you’ve been praying for who is living destructively.  The waiting for your healing to be manifested, marriage to be healed, prodigal child to return to God and to your family, the hurt to ease in a problem, the job offer to come through, the church-hurt to end, a friendship to be restored, your peace to return.

We all have an it at some point don’t we?

Side note:  Many people right now are going through very difficult times personally, professionally, in ministries, churches and personal relationships.  Many are walking it alone, hurting in private while publicly having to go on with business as usual.  Some say people walk it alone by choice. Some do but not all.  I believe some are walking it alone because if they dare to turn to someone they’ll be judged, misunderstood or be gaveled over the head with the 5 steps to this and 7 steps to that— in other words, they will be met with the “I have all the answers” syndrome or  “You’re faith must not be strong enough”.  Sometimes we must be silent and just pray and encourage someone. You don’t always have a word from the Lord to give to someone and if He gave you a word for them, sit on it and pray over it until you’re sure it’s not your own emotions wanting to speak to that person.  We do so much damage when we pray-less and talk-more. Advice or direction can further wound the wounded especially when it’s disguised under the premise of “God said for me to tell you….”.  Make sure that in your desire to be well-meaning, that you are truly speaking at the direction of the Holy Spirit and not out of your own advice-bank or emotions.

women prayingAt times the best way to help a person is to listen. And then, listen some more–attentively and then, pray for them and listen with a spiritual ear. Show compassion because truth be told, you are probably not able to help them to fix the “IT” in their life but you can be a loving, compassionate support to guide them toward the One who can: GOD.

I don’t know what you’re it is but what I can speak to is GOD is with you but you’ve got to let Him in.  That can be difficult when hell is rising up against you or satan has dispatched his demons to go after someone you love and in their rebellion they are listening to him and don’t even realize it.  But when hell is rising up, we have to open ourselves to hearing from God in the midst of it all and not allow the its to drown out His voice found in the Word:

1 John 4:4 AMP Little Children, you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) then he who is in the world.

Psalm 91:11 AMP  For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service].

I stand on the shoulders of His Holy Word where I am fully supported and kept high above the fray, able to get my wind beneath me to go back into battle because if you understand Ephesians 6:10-24 this is a battle and it’s not against flesh and blood. God has given us what we need to hold up under the weight of it all.

What I know for sure about my walk with God is that He’s my calm in the storm–my light in the darkness–my joy in the pain–my peace in the battle–my soothing in the wait–my laughter even in the tears. He’s my ALL and ALL. He’s not failed me. He’s girded me up when my knees have been weak. He’s dried up the tears when all I could do is weep. He’s comforted my heart when the pain has griped me. When my strength has been weak, I can lean on Him for He is my Strengthener. I pray that you know Him as your Strengthener as well because He loves you and His Word has given us a powerful instruction–one that gives strength in the midst of all of the its:

1 Peter 5:7 AMPCasting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.

The LORD GOD not only can handle our its, He wants to handle them so we can release them to Him. Lean in hard on Him for whatever it is that you are facing right now. I pray in the Name of Jesus, as you release the cares; the its, to God that you’ll leave them with Him, trusting that He–the Sovereign, Holy, Righteous God, has the best in mind for you and those whom you love. Walk in His peace.

Blessings and peace to you!




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  1. Dearest Sister, Bless the Lord…I so needed this encouragement today. The “it’s” of life right now are too numerous…but I needed someone today to remind me that God can and wants to handle them all…I needed to be reminded that I can “stand on the shoulders of His Holy Word where I am fully supported and kept high above the fray, able to get my wind beneath me to go back into battle”. Thank you God…I will survive, thrive, and be victorious for Your Glory! Amen and Amen!

    • Amen Sis and bless the Lord indeed! I’m thankful that He has encouraged your heart through what He’s put on my heart to share. We all have those ‘its’ that only God understands and only God can work out for us. Keep standing on His Holy Word and clinging tight to Him in worship, praise and thanksgiving. He’s got you covered no matter what “it” is. Love and blessings!

  2. What wonderful words of encouragement! Lisa, I really needed this today. Sometimes it is so easy to look at what is going on around us and see there is no change (at least for the better) and you wonder, how long? But God is in Control and He knows all things He sees the big picture while we only see a small preview. During my prayers this am I wept and God told me, have you ever been without food? I said no, and He said have you ever been homeless? I said no? and He said have you ever been without clothes? I said no, and He said you see I will take care of you. While I wept my little dog came over to comfort me and give me kisses. God knows our needs and He loves us more than we could ever hope or imagine. God Bless you Lisa for sharing God’s Word. Lots of Love to you.

    • “and you wonder, how long?” Yes, there are delicate situations in our lives that we say, how much longer. There’s something going on in my life and has been for close to two decades and it breaks my heart to see the persons lifestyle (needless, painful choices) and I continue to pray and have reached a point as of late when those words came across my spirit, “How long Abba? How much longer?” but He quieted me quickly as He reminded me that His plan and purpose is being worked out in that persons life and all will be alright.

      So true Babette, He is the same God that took care of us before and He’ll do it again and again because He’s an awesome God. However, there are many whose needs are not met right now…many who are homeless, hurting, etc. and the truth is He loves them too. We don’t always know “why” things are the way they are but we must trust Him through it all.

      Thanks for the blessing of your testimony Sis. Love you.

  3. “But when hell is rising up, we have to open ourselves to hearing from God in the midst of it all and not allow the its to drown out His voice found in the Word . . . ” – Seems to me that hell is rising up across the globe in this season, both at home and abroad. But God is also rising up, giving strength to the weary and the worried. His hands are sustaining the faithful in ways that strengthen my heart. Satan has a plan, but God has a bigger one. We may not always see it on the front side of suffering, but we can rest in knowing that God sees it all. Wonderful words of encouragement and strength, sister. Thank you for sharing them.

    • “across the globe” indeed my friend. There is a groaning, moaning, screaming out and a shaking going on in the earth. I am grateful that we are a part of His remnant and so I won’t be moved or shaken by what I “see”. I’m choosing to trust Him and PRAY and share His love and grace with any who will listen.

      Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom Sis. Love you.

  4. Lisa,

    Thanks for your words here – yes we all have an “it” and GOD is so much bigger than we even understand to handle our “it”. I also believe with that, we all face our standing alone at our Jordan…..when we come completely to the end of ourselves and the only comfort left is our GOD. So what do we do? We TRUST. And we PRAY. Let us continue to encourage each other as we move forward on the path that GOD has chosen for us.

  5. Oh Lisa, the only time I feel real comfort is when I’m spending time alone with the Lord. I can’t tell you how special my morning quiet time is for me. I give Him my ‘it’s’ and ask for His guidance and perfect timing. One of my ‘it’s’ has been writing my book. I start and then get distracted. I have doubts about whether I am capable. And of course life goes on and I have to work and then there are responsibilities. This new school year has not been as easy as my co-worker has changed. In many ways I believe the Lord is prompting me to not get comfortable where I am and to move forward spending time writing. So thank you for this timely post sis.

    Love you,

    • Amen Debbie! Any time with God is necessary and important. And you hit it on the head: “ask for His guidance and perfect timing”. You are so right.

      I know you’ve mentioned your schedule and your book writing in past times to me and I will continue to pray for the time you need, the anointing, clarity and wisdom from God to write from the belly of your walk with Him. You may not feel capable but you are in God because if He called you to write it then He’ll equip you to do so. Have you ever listened to my Whole Woman online radio program when I had the part 1 and part 2 of Women’s Author Hour last year? I recommend that to you. I’ll send you the links.

      I pray God’s peace and strength for you in this new school year. May all things come together for your good as you continue to love and serve Him and those precious children. I love you!

      Keep going in God!

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